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Meet The Team


Robert has a diverse background of skills, experience, and some cool hobbies. He worked for his father’s company for many years where he learned good communication and developed a love for construction and design. When he’s not building and designing outdoor living spaces or planning a deck or fence project, Rob spends time with family, and enjoys working on his coral reef tank and bonsai garden.


Dan has an extensive background in outdoor living construction. Dan’s primary responsibilities are helping the managers deliver success for to customer’s projects and enjoys personally helping as many customers as possible.  He enjoys mountain biking in Patapsco State Park, summer time at the beach, and traveling to new places. 


Chloe serves an important role, she makes sure things stay on track in a fast paced environment, coordinates projects as they are planned and helps people take the first step in the process of building new projects. Chloe enjoys concerts, snowboarding, and a good cup of coffee or tea.  


Raul brings years of experience building top notch outdoor living spaces all over Maryland. He makes it a point to live a healthy lifestyle and even though he works hard everyday, you will still find him in the gym daily. 


Suarly is a master project manager and problem solver. If there is an obstacle in the way, Suarly will create the solution. Quality is a given when he steps onto a job. He takes his cooking just as seriously so if you are looking for a treat, ask for some of his barbeque. 


Vladimir has an extremely deep knowledge base and experience and it shows. When he’s not showing off photos of his incredible projects Vladamir is active in his Church and enjoys time with family and friends.