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Hardscape Services

concrete pavers represent a hardscape services jobIf you are looking for a creative way to enhance your front or backyard, then contact Valley Landscaping, Stone, and Patio for your hardscape services needs. Our team of licensed and skilled contractors can take any concept and design a hardscape layout to your exact specifications. We offer flexible solutions that are perfect for a variety of outdoor applications and property landscapes. We offer affordable rates, work of the highest quality in the industry, and dependable service you can rely on. Hardscape products and services include:

Hardscape Services We Offer

When it comes to complete hardscape services in Catonsville, MD, Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio offers endless options that help you fine-tune your layout. Features including walls, patios, pathways, and other components. We can work with you to add elements that truly reflect your personal taste and style. Some of the hardscape services we offer include:

Hardscape Designs

A professional hardscape installation will enhance the beauty of your property and will lead to years of enjoyment. Our hardscape design begins with a consultation and can evolve into a full 3D design so you can have a visual of exactly what your backyard or business hardscape will look like after the installation is complete.

Patio Backyard Getaways

Backyard getaways are the justification for a “stay-cation.” With the right backyard retreat, you may never want to leave. Backyard getaways are custom designed to give you everything you want at a resort in your own backyard.

Fire Features

Make a statement with a fire feature on your patio. Enhancing the entertainment value on your patio or lawn starts with the addition of a fire feature. Enjoy a night around the fire with family and friends. You will be able to enjoy the fire’s glow during your relaxing evenings outside. No matter the size of your property, we have fire feature options for you to explore.

Paver Walkway

Replacing your current concrete pathway or walkway with a paver walkway or paver path will give your entrance a valuable custom upgrade. You get to choose the size and layout that will work best for your needs and that match your style and preference.

Paver Patio

Creating the ideal space for entertaining, relaxing, and fully enjoying your backyard does not happen automatically. Our patio design process for a backyard paver patio or stone patio starts with a consultation where we will discuss your vision and ask questions about how you will use the patio, what kind of patio furniture you have. The types of activities you plan to enjoy on the patio. There are many custom options you can add to your paver patio. Adding a sitting wall, backyard fire pit, or fireplace and complimenting the patio hardscape by planting trees and shrubs will enhance the backyard patio’s look, feel, and overall enjoyment.

Stone and Block Walls

Retaining walls and garden walls are a great addition to your landscape. We are experts on construction with stone or block materials, and we will find the right one that matches your preference and style. Retaining walls are typically larger and have more of a load-bearing application. Garden walls are mainly decorative and provide an accent to the landscape.

Catonsville Maintenance & Cleanup

At Valley Landscaping, we offer a variety of outdoor maintenance and cleanup services in addition to our design-build services. Our Catonsville construction crews are experts in helping homeowners maintain their outdoor living spaces. Examples include:


Catonsville mulching services offer several benefits to your garden, front, or backyard. Mulch prevents weeds from distracting from your landscape’s appearance. Mulch is a natural decomposing substance that adds to the health of your soil and protects against pests and pathogens. 

Patio Restoration

Over time patios may need to be refinished. If your patio becomes dirty, jagged, and rough-looking, it might need to be restored. Patio restoration services will give your outdoor living space a polished and settled exterior. A refinished patio is a welcoming space for family and friends to gather. We also provide beautiful patio restorations to complement pools and water features.

Paver Sealing

Paver sealing ensures longevity in your walkway for years to come. Sealing your pavers will protect them from outdoor spills and stains. Paver sealing prevents oil spills, rust from water, dirt, pet messes, grime, etc., from penetrating and staining the pavers. Paver sealing will also enhance the natural tones, colors, and shine of your brick pavers.

Schedule a Consultation for Hardscape Services

Are you ready to get started with your hardscape project? Don’t settle for less than a licensed and trained contractor. Valley Landscaping, Stone, and Patio can help you every step of the way. We offer complete hardscape services for projects of all kinds. To schedule a consultation with a hardscape professional, call us at 410.983.6261.