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Natural Stones

Natural stones are a great way to add texture and interest to your landscaping. They offer a stylish look but also serve a purpose in creating walkways, planting beds, retaining walls, and more. Your rocks and stones play an essential part in the design and planning of your landscape design. To choose the best stone options for your landscaping project, call on the experts at Valley Landscaping. We’ll help make your walls, patios, and pathways beautiful with natural stones that work for your needs and design style.

How to Use Natural Stones in Landscaping Design natural stones for landscaping on a path make people think of natural rock stones for landscaping options

You can use different kinds of stones in different ways in your landscaping. Natural stones look great in garden pathways, on patio surfaces, as stepping stones or garden steps, entry porches, and walkways. They can also be used as garden accents for water features, built-in planters, as part of swimming pool designs, and more. We can also build stone patios using bluestone and flagstone. One major application of stone in your landscape can be in retaining walls and garden walls. Valley Landscaping brings expertise in construction with stone or block materials, and we work with you to select just the right stones to meet your needs and style. Retaining walls are typically larger and have more of a load-bearing application. Garden walls are mainly decorative and provide an accent to the landscape.

Natural Stone Types 

Consider the following types of natural stones to add texture, interest, and function to your outdoor landscaping. 


This is one of the most common types of landscaping stones you’ll see, and they have variations. Sandstone and limestone are used in a wide range of landscaping designs. Each piece is uniquely shaped and makes great decorative accents and functional hardscape building materials. Typical uses include exterior stairs, patios, stepping stones, and pathways.


In its decomposed form, granite can give you the rustic feel you’re after. It has a sandy texture and reddish-tan color. Use as a deck or patio surface in the yard, or create garden paths. For garden beds and pathways, an alternative is crushed granite gravel which is larger pieces of the stone with a thicker texture. 

Pea Gravel

These are pea-sized rocks that are small and rounded. Find them in shades of brown, tan, or white. Cover your driveway, put in between the small areas of pathways, around a fire pit, or even in garden beds instead of mulch. 

River Rock 

Also known as pebbles, river rocks tend to be smoother and bigger than pea gravel. They vary in cost, size, shape, and style. Use them for building a fountain, a retaining wall, or even creating direct drainage on your property.

Lava Rock

These low-density volcanic rocks are unique and timeless. They are typically black or red, adding a bold statement to a landscaping design. The rocks are very lightweight, and they absorb heat during the day and then release it at night. 

Big Rocks

Otherwise known as boulders, the massive stones come in pretty much any shape, color, and size. But then by the ton for your bigger landscaping needs like stone walls, borders, water features, and design accents.

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