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3 Seasonal Flower Options for Winter

planting for winter

While winter might be the season you think you have to hibernate when it comes to landscaping, there are actually many different types of plantings you can do in the Baltimore area that will keep color and greenery in your yard through the cold weather. Some may require some planning ahead for spring planting, but others can grow in the ground in the fall to prepare for the winter months and beyond. Entrusting your landscaping needs to professionals like the team at Valley Landscaping will take the guesswork out of the process and get your home set up for looking great outside for all four seasons in the mid-Atlantic. Take a look at some of the suggestions below and let us know what you like. Our team will get right to work to make your winter landscaping a reality.

Planting Plans for Winter

Picking the right outdoor plants to maintain a little color during the winter can be easy with the help of a professional landscaper. Here are some suggestions that work well in the greater Baltimore and Washington DC areas.

Witch Hazel

This small tree flower blooms in late winter and comes in a number of varieties. The sweet-smelling flowers come in reds, oranges, and yellow. In addition, witch hazel extract has medicinal properties and can be found in topical applications that treat insect bites and bruises.


Pieris japonica is Lily-of-the-Valley’s botanical name. This plant’s drooping clusters of delicate white blossoms in the winter are divine. It’s a versatile rounded shrub native to Japan that starts with pink buds in winter and spring and creates its white winter blossoms from there.

Christmas Rose

There couldn’t be a more perfect choice for the holiday season than Christmas Rose. Known as Helleborus niger in the plant world, it is actually an easy plant to grow. The best part is that it blooms when winter can be at its bleakest, giving you just the sign of hope from Mother Nature that you need. This evergreen perennial has white blooms with a slight pink hue.


As the name suggests, it’s a berry that blooms in winter. Another low-maintenance plant, winterberry, is very hardy and stands up to all kinds of conditions and animals. The bright red berries are perfect for holiday decorating but don’t eat the berries, as they are poisonous.

Winter Jasmine

This beauty is unique because of its vining nature. It can train up a trellis or cascade along a fence or garden wall. Jasminium nudiflorum produces hundreds of bright yellow flowers on its stems, bringing a bit of sunshine during the middle of winter.

Landscaping Services All Year Long

Once your new winter blooms are planted, you can get ready to enjoy them. Our landscape team will educate you about what maintenance is required to keep them looking great all year. You can choose to tackle the maintenance on your own or consult with our professional team and learn more about the services we offer so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space. Our maintenance services include mulching, spring clean-up, as well as pruning & trimming. We also offer pest control, disease management, seeding, and aeration – everything you need to keep your lawn thriving.

Valley Landscaping Can Help With Professional Design and Installation in Catonsville

When you are thinking about your winter plantings, don’t forget about other landscape and hardscape services that can help complete the look. Get ready to enjoy your outdoor space all year long with the help of the professional design and installation team at Valley Landscaping. In addition to helping choose the right winter plantings, we offer:

  • Paver walkways and pathways
  • Firepit installation
  • Landscape lighting
  • Sod installation
  • Mulching
  • Maintenance services

If you or someone you know is looking for landscaping services in the Catonsville area, contact us at 410.983.6261 today.