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4 Ways to Extend Your Patio Season

4 Ways to Extend Your Patio Season

The Summer is over. Here are some ideas now that we have less daylight and cooler temperatures.


Add Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

As the sun starts setting around dinner time and then before dinner time we do not have natural light outdoors. There are several options for landscape lighting. Low voltage means no professional electrician is needed. Spot lights, up-lights, pathway lights and ledge lights are the main options. The low voltage lights have a warm and gentle glow that accent the atmosphere. These options will not make it feel like the daytime. Imagine sitting outside on a crisp evening, enjoying your favorite beverage, and being surrounded by the glow of some warm lighting.


Light a Fire

Not only will a fire feature provide some light, it provides warmth. As the temperatures cool down and sweater weather comes in full force its a good idea to have some warming capabilities. A basic wood burning fire pit is an easy addition to the patio. There are many propane burning options to consider as well. Propane is clean burning, smokeless, and most models start with the push of a button.



Tiki torches are popular during the summer since they can reduce bugs. They can also be used purely for light and illumination.

Outlining the footprint of the patio area with torches gives even lighting around the space. You can enjoy a flickering light for months after Summer is over.



Propane fueled heaters can radiate heat onto you and your guests. You can enjoy hours of warmth in the evening, well into October and November. Imagine having the option to use your patio fully on Thanksgiving as additional space for entertaining.