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5 Different Backyard Redesign Options

backyard redesign options

When it comes to giving your backyard a little facelift, there’s no shortage of options. The challenge might be in deciding what direction you want to go. Are you designing around a pool? Are you looking to add a patio or deck? Is entertaining a priority, or are you looking for a private outdoor oasis all to yourself? These are just a few things to consider when redesigning your backyard. The expert design and installation team at Valley Deck & Patio are standing by to answer all of your outdoor living questions and provide all the professional hardscape services you are looking for in Howard County and beyond.

Backyard Redesign Ideas

Here are a few ideas to add some pizzazz to your backyard, whether you’re looking to add a complete outdoor entertaining area or add some accents to your backyard. Our experienced crew knows a thing or two about transforming outdoor spaces.

  1. Water feature: Whether that’s a pool, a hot tub, a fountain to help drown out the neighborhood noise, or a waterfall to help you keep your zen, water features are a great upgrade to any backyard. Water features – of any size – can be the centerpiece of your whole backyard redesign.
  2. Firepit: Like water, fire can also be a central feature of your outdoor living space. Fire pits are a great way to create a communal area on your deck, patio, or in your yard. Enjoy drinks by the fire with friends or s’mores with the kids. It might just turn out to be your favorite place to sit back and relax all year round.
  3. Patio: A patio or deck is generally one of the largest backyard upgrades you can make. It can be a natural extension off of the main living areas of your home or be built around another key feature in your backyard like a pool, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen.
  4. Kitchen: Outside kitchens are one of the most requested elements of an outdoor living design these days. Like kitchens are the communal gathering spot indoors, they serve the same purpose outdoors. They are functional and practical but can be designed to any aesthetic specifications to make them as unique as you want.
  5. Lighting: Landscape lighting is like the final accessory on a well-curated outfit. It can call attention to every outdoor feature you want to highlight and adds to your curb appeal even when the sun isn’t shining. Outdoor lighting offers aesthetic and functional benefits for your home and your landscaping.

Backyard Redesign and Hardscape Services

A professionally designed and installed outdoor living space adds to your curb appeal, adds to your property value, and offers more space to enjoy and entertain outside of your home. An experienced and reputable contractor in Howard County like Valley Deck & Patio can work with your budget and design ideas to help you install a new patio, build a fire pit, add new landscaping, and more.

Don’t wait to enjoy the backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of. You can entertain friends or relax at home with family. At Valley Deck & Patio, our team can walk you through various design ideas and material choices. We pride ourselves on providing unique and custom solutions to make the most of your outdoor space.

Contact Valley Deck & Patio

If spending time outside while still within the safety of your property is a priority, then look no further than working with the Valley Deck & Patio team. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, the possibilities are endless. Finding the right contractor to help you through the process is the key. When it comes to hardscape design and landscaping, customers trust the professionals at Valley Deck & patio, and our testimonials prove that.

Reach out today at 410.983.6261 to learn more about some of our favorite ways to upgrade your backyard. These include hardscape services like

  • Patio paving
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  • Fire pits
  • Landscape lighting

Our team is ready to bring your ideas to life.