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5 Reasons to Rake Your Leaves

a person rake leaves

Does it really matter if you rake leaves? After all, they are a natural product and will disintegrate over time. The problem is that leaves take time to breakdown. During that time, they can create an unsightly mess across your yard. They may even put you at risk of having damage to other plants. It is always best to reach out to Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio for landscape maintenance. Let our professional Catonsville landscapers offer guidance to help get your leaves back under control.

Why Rake Leaves Anyway?

There are many benefits to raking leaves. It may be a lot easier to manage when you do this on a consistent basis as well. Here are five big reasons you should do so.

Reduce Damage Risk to the Lawn

One of the biggest problems with leaves is that they can suffocate and damage the grass in your yard. When you rake leaves, you pull them away from these surfaces. You allow for the air to continuously have access to the grass and the soil. If you leave a big pile of leaves present, you are limiting the grass’s ability to pull in the nutrients it needs from the sun.

Reduce Damage to Other Plants from Bacteria

Wet, heavy leaves create the ideal situation for mold growth. Even bacteria can build in these leaves, especially if they are left for a long period of time. When that happens, it can damage the other plants in the area. That can make it hard for you to keep your plants healthy long term.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Some people know the benefits are all about the way your yard looks. When you rake leaves, you are able to keep your yard tidy and cleaned up. For many people, that is a big deal. It also means you are able to know that the leaves are not infiltrating your flower beds or getting on your driveway. Regular landscape clean-ups can help keep your yard in great condition.

Use Them for Mulching

Another one of the benefits that happens when you rake leaves is that you can collect those leaves and use them properly. Some people may wish to add them to a compost pile. That can help the leaves to become useful to you in the garden. You can even place them under your bushes once they breakdown to offer a bit more nutrition to the soil.

You Don’t Want to Clean Them Up in the Spring

Some leaves may breakdown during the winter months. Other times, they will not do this. That means they will need to be cleaned up and cleared away during the spring. That makes the process a bit less enjoyable. Leaves are organic material. As they break down, they can encourage the growth of seeds and spores as well. That means they may help encourage weeds to grow in some areas.

The Better Option: Get Landscape Maintenance

Just because you don’t want to rake leaves doesn’t mean you should put off this task. At Valley LSP, our team can help you get rid of those leaves right away. We offer a wide range of services to help you do this. We also offer other types of landscape maintenance that may be beneficial to you including:

Don’t Put Off What Our Team at Valley LSP Can Do Today

When it comes time to rake leaves, know that you do not have to give up every weekend of fall to do this work yourself. Our trusted, experienced, and dedicated professionals are available to help you get the job done fast and within your price point. Our landscape maintenance services are available to you today. Call Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio at 410.983.6261 for an estimate.