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5 Reasons Why Patio Restoration Is Important

person working on Patio Restorations

You might think that since your patio isn’t on the front of your home that it doesn’t need as much attention. But outside of curb appeal, you surely want to maintain your patio to extend its life and avoid having to make major repairs or replace it. Normal wear and tear happen due to regular use, weather, and backyard critters. Regular maintenance and patio restoration services will keep your patio looking and functioning the way you need it to for years to come. Contact Valley Landscaping today at 410.983.6261 to see how a credible, professional landscape services company can help you with patio restoration in Maryland. 

Why Restore Your Maryland Patio?

Keeping your patio maintained extends its life, or you risk major repairs or, worse yet, replacing it. In an area like Maryland, where all four seasons of weather are experienced, your patio will see the effects of Mother Nature. Add in the effects of daily use like furniture scraping, kids playing on it, using a grill or fire pit on the surface, and more. Then there’s your landscape in general that allows weeds, excess moisture, and possible insect infestations. Patio restoration, along with regular maintenance, can save you from having to do major work on your patio. Here are five reasons to restore your patio.

  1. Keep invasive weeds and moss from deteriorating your patio 
  2. Remove unwanted pests
  3. Fix loose materials
  4. Deep and thorough cleaning
  5. Sealing patio to protect from weather and stains

Depending on the material of your patio, there are additional cleaning and repair measures our team will take to get your patio looking its best. We will re-sand and seal your wood patio, fill the gaps of your concrete or brick patio with fine grade sand to fill in any crevices, repair loose or broken flagstone patios, re-mortar where needed, or provide waterproofing if needed on certain surfaces like concrete. 

Backyard Services at Valley Landscaping

Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to spruce up your existing patio, we can help. Let us take your ideas and create something custom for you or bring your current patio back to life. Our custom solutions fit every budget, and our licensed contractors use only the best materials and equipment. With a little help, you can have the yard you dream of. Patio restoration, landscaping services, maintenance, fire pits, landscaping lighting, mulching, and more are available in the Greater Baltimore and Washington DC areas. 

Don’t wait until your patio is beyond repair to get help. Patio restoration will add the finishing touches to your outdoor landscaping projects. Getting started is easy. Contact our team, and they will come out and assess the project and give you a no-commitment quote. They will outline what’s involved and how much time it will take, so you know what to expect. Our experts listen to your needs, your ideas, and any limitations you have so that we can help you bring that vision to life. 

Contact Valley Landscaping to Get More Information on Patio Restoration

If you are looking for quality patio installation and maintenance, then look no further than Valley Landscaping. We offer comprehensive patio design, installation, and maintenance, including restoration services. Plus, we work on all types of patios, whether wood, stone, brick, or sand. No matter your landscaping or hardscaping needs, we have you covered, including:

  • Permeable paver patios and walkways
  • Hardscape services
  • Landscaping designs
  • Custom paving solutions

Our licensed and trained contractors can design, implement, and maintain patios that are functional, safe, and work in any scenario like around homes, pools, gardens, and other areas on your property. Ready for a free consultation? Call us today at 410.983.6261.