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5 Styles of Decks for Your Home

Styles of decks

Adding a deck can improve the look of your outdoor space, as well as expand your family’s living area. When thinking of ways to upgrade your home, projects that showcase the exterior can have a big payoff. Every home is different, so it can be helpful to learn about the different types of deck in the effort to discover which one will be most appropriate for your landscape, and also most flattering to the look of your home. For those seeking deck installation services in Maryland, a variety of landscape situations can be present, but there are certainly some deck styles to suit your home.

Five Deck Styles to Transform the Look of Your Home

1. The Wraparound Deck

Most people are familiar with the look of a wraparound porch, but a wraparound deck is a bit different. Whereas a wraparound porch is usually a uniform width around the entire exterior of the home, a deck that wraps around can extend and widen in some areas, creating room-like spaces for furniture groupings, grilling areas, or to accommodate a pool. This style of deck works well for homes that want to maximize outdoor living space.

2. The Rooftop Deck

This modern, exciting style of deck makes use of an existing area on top of your home, allowing even homes that don’t have large yards to feature an outdoor living area. This deck style can bring the fun and class of a night out on the town right to your own home.

3. The Attached Deck

Attached decks extend right from the door of your home, often featuring large sliding doors. This style of deck works well for homes that have a backyard pool, or for families who value the ability to mingle indoor and outdoor life during pleasant weather. This type of deck can be made of many different materials, adding beauty and durability to your home’s exterior.

4. The Multi-tier Deck

If your yard has slopes and elevation changes, a multi-tier deck might be a great choice for your home. Multi-tier decks are made up of more than one deck, connected by stairs or ramps. This deck style can also help make the most out of a complicated or strangely-shaped space.

5. The Detached Deck

Detached decks are just that — detached from the home. Often, they are connected to other areas of the yard by pathways or walkways. Detached decks can complement yards that feature gardens or other landscaping elements. They can also create a peaceful oasis for private relaxation in the midst of your outdoor living area.

Why Choose a Deck Rather Than a Patio?

Actually, you can have both a deck and a patio, if that is what works for your exterior improvement project. In certain cases, the soil is more suited to one or the other type of installation, and in other cases, the choice is purely a matter of aesthetics. Other considerations may have an impact on whether you choose a patio or a deck, or some combination of the two, such as whether or not any patio or deck is already in place.

Valley Deck & Patio are Deck Installation Experts

In Maryland, Valley Deck & Patio are the premiere luxury backyard oasis experts. Our staff of landscape designers and installers have the knowledge and experience to help make all your exterior project dreams come true. Whether starting from scratch or updating what is already there, we can’t wait to work with you to transform the way your family lives outdoors. If you are ready to bring your vision into reality, reach out to us today at 410.983.6261 and learn what we can do for your family.