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5 Styles of Luxury Patios

Styles of luxury patios

Is your backyard giving you the blues? Are you ready to start looking forward to outdoor time when you are at home? A luxury patio can transform, not only the way your home looks, but the way you feel about your home. There are several types of luxury patios that will change the way your family lives outside. When seeking patio installation services in Maryland, there are many factors that can impact what you may choose. However, no matter what your yard is like, or what your outdoor living dreams are, there are luxury patio styles to suit your needs.

Five Styles of Luxury Patios

1. Concrete

You may not think of concrete as a luxury material, but concrete is one of the most versatile and durable materials used in patio construction today. While many people might envision the plain concrete square patio, modern techniques mean that concrete can be colored, textured, and shaped in almost any way that you can imagine. A luxury patio installation expert can help you learn specifics about how concrete can be used to create the patio of your dreams.

2. Natural Stone

It is difficult to find a more beautiful, durable material than natural stone. A flagstone patio can bridge the divide between civilization and nature, bringing a taste of the wilderness to your family’s outdoor life. Natural stone can be found in a variety of textures and colors. It’s perfect for complementing or contrasting with the look of your home. With modern sealing compounds, natural stone can be easy to care for and maintain its look for decades to come.

3. Cut Stone

Similar to natural stone patios, cut stone patios provide the same beauty and durability as natural stone patios, but with a little more order. Stones can be cut in many different shapes and sizes, and they are available in a variety of colors and textures. This style of luxury patio can work well for homes with a clearly-defined patio area.

4. Tiles

A luxury patio featuring tile can be a perfect centerpiece for your family’s outdoor living space. Available in almost any color, shape, or texture, a tile patio can bring quiet beauty or vibrant energy to your home’s exterior. Tiles can be a great choice for homeowners who are looking for something more modern, or something a little different in the look of their luxury patio.

5. Bricks

There are few materials with a more classic look than brick. A luxury patio made from bricks can easily complement the look of your home’s exterior while also providing an even, easy-to-maintain surface. Brick patios give a timeless, perpetually-stylish appearance to your yard and will be a place of cherished family memories.

Which is Better: a Luxury Patio or a Deck?

The good news is, you may not have to choose one or the other. Your landscape designer can help you plan the outdoor space of your dreams, which could include both a patio and a deck. Depending on your yard, the type of soil you have, your climate, and the look you wish to achieve, a luxury patio could be the best choice. If your space is relatively open and flat, a patio might be a great choice.

Valley Deck & Patio are Experts at Luxury Patio Design and Installation

In Maryland, we are the premiere company for luxury backyard oasis design. Our team of designers and installers have the knowledge and experience to make all your home exterior dreams come true. We can’t wait to help you transform the way your family lives outdoors. Reach out to us today at 410.983.6261 and let us tell you what we can do for you.