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Best Lights to Accent your Lawn

lights accenting a lawn

For security, aesthetic appeal, or just to keep yourself from tripping, installing the right lawn lighting at your home can be a big step in creating a beautiful finished look. Enjoying your outdoor space in the evening hours is an essential feature in modern homes. Lawn lights can add character and value to your home if you choose the right ones. Our team at Valley Landscaping, Stone, & Patio offers a range of support for installing, managing, and replacing lawn lighting.

What Type of Lawn Lighting Is Best for Your Space?

Before taking a look at options in lawn lights, think about what your goals are. Do you want to highlight a specific area of your lawn? Do you want to have a large amount of light that illuminates the entire space? You may be looking for lights to line a small path or a large driveway. Once you know what you want to light up, the next step is to compare the options in lawn lights in Maryland.

Here are some options to think about for your lawn lights:

  • Invest in security lights first. The goal of these lights is to brighten up the entire area, such as the driveway and lawn. You may not be worried about security, but these lights are the foundation of safety for your home. They also provide some of the brightest options for backyard lighting. 
  • Add in path lighting. You do not want the mail person to trip while walking up your driveway (or anyone else for that matter). That’s why it’s important to have lights along the pathway. This can reduce liability risks for you, but it also helps create structure and organization for your space.
  • Consider outdoor wall lighting. If you have a specific area you wish to light up, such as a gazebo or deck area, you may benefit from the use of wall lights. These can create a soft level of ambiance to the space. They also help to create outdoor entertainment space you can use well into the night.
  • Spotlight the landmarks. If you have a beautiful fountain, flower bed, or tree, you may want that to be the focal point of your lawn. No matter what it is, you can easily use a spotlight to light up that space. This also creates a soft glow in the surrounding space. 

Which Lawn Lights Are Right for Your Property?

Take a few minutes to learn more about the landscape lighting options available based on your goals for that space. For example, you may want to have a soft glow that provides just a pop of light in the dark of night. On the other hand, you may want powerful lights that make your space look impressively large. Consider both hard-wired and solar-powered lights, too.

It can be a lot of fun to design and install a variety of lights around your lawn. You do not have to choose just one type for the entire space. Using the right type of correlating lights, you can create a fabulous outdoor lawn area that everyone wants to spend time on this year. While at it, allow our team to help you with all of your landscaping needs, including:

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You do not have to make all the decisions about the right type of lawn lighting for your home right now. Instead, let our team at Valley Landscaping, Stone, & Patio offer you insight and options in lawn lights. Our team is happy to make recommendations or install your already-picked-out lawn lights in Catonsville. To learn how we can help, call 410.983.6261 or connect with us online today.