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Best Time Of Year To Install a Patio Around Your Pool

pool patio ideas

The best time of year to install a patio around your pool is really up to you. But there are some basics to consider, like climate, the seasons where you use your pool the most, and contractor availability. These factors and more can help you decide when to have a patio installed around your pool. Give the expert team at Valley Landscaping a call to get your patio installation started.

Installing Your Pool Patio

Once you consider all the factors and decide when it’s best to install a patio around your pool, getting a contractor booked on the calendar is your first step. When you work with Valley Landscaping to build your patio, you work with seasoned professionals who can help you through every phase of your project. We don’t just install your patio. Our patio installation services include:

  • 3D software design & rendering to help you visualize what your patio will look like before it’s built
  • Getting the right materials and delivering them on time
  • A complete patio installation from start to finish
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair for the lifetime of your patio

Patio Ideas For Your Pool

A pool doesn’t have to be a big blue oasis in your yard, floating on its own. Pair it with a beautiful patio, and it can help connect it to the rest of your outdoor landscaping design and your home. Patios are often found next to an in-ground pool as a space for entertaining and relaxing. They can be made of concrete, brick, cut stone, flagstone, or patio pavers. It’s important to remember to have materials that you use for a patio coordinate with the other hardscape materials you use around your house for a consistent look throughout.

Pool patios have many advantages like creating a smooth transition from one area to another, providing drainage, and covering up unsightly unlandscaped areas of your yard. A pool patio can create a frame around the pool that creates a safe path around the pool’s edge. If you have a big backyard, the patio can be even bigger to accommodate poolside lounging or dining areas.

Pool Patio Material Considerations

Not every material available for pool patios is the right choice for you. Consider these points when choosing your pool patio material.

  • Make sure the decking material isn’t too rough, bumpy, or uneven
  • A heat-reflective material will keep the surface cooler on hot days
  • For safety, the material shouldn’t get slippery when wet
  • The material should complement the pool and transition well with the other hardscaped areas you have
  • Ideally, the material should be designed for areas surrounding water, so it’s resistant to things like algae, chemicals, acid, mold, and mildew
  • Make safety a priority with a fence or barrier integrated into the pool and patio design. (Your local town, city, or county will most likely have laws regarding pool barriers as far as height and placement are concerned)

Valley Landscaping Can Help With Pool Patios

When it comes to pool patios and complete hardscape services in the greater Baltimore area, Valley Landscaping offers endless options that can help you fine-tune your design vision. These include walls, fire pits, pathways, and other outdoor living elements. We can work with you to add things that truly reflect your taste and style. Some of the hardscape products and services we offer include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Pathway installation
  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces
  • Hardscape design and implementation
  • Patio installation

Give us a call today at 410.983.6261 to book an appointment and get your pool patio started. Our expert team is standing by to make all of your pool patio dreams come true when it’s the right time of year for you.