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Bluestone Patios

beautiful bluestone patio deck with stylish outdoor furniture and ceiling fans overhead

Today’s homeowner has many options when it comes to creating the backyard oasis of their dreams. One of the most important things to decide is what material to use for the patio. Changing the look of the main sitting area can transform a plain-Jane backyard into a luxurious getaway that the family can’t wait to use. Natural bluestone is a striking and beautiful option that many homeowners are choosing as the foundation of their new, gorgeous patios. While natural stone has had a reputation for being expensive and difficult to install, nowadays, bluestone patio installation in Maryland is easier and more affordable than ever.

What Is Bluestone?

A little-known fact about bluestone is that it is actually a type of flagstone. Flagstones are flat paving stones that, along with gravel or another medium, are fitted together to create a lovely patio surface. Bluestone specifically comes in two varieties: Pennsylvania bluestone, which is a type of sandstone, and Shenandoah bluestone, which is a type of limestone. Both come in a variety of colorways ranging from stones that have several different shades of blue to the coveted “full-color” bluestone, which is a solid, even shade.

Who Should Use Bluestone as a Patio Material?

Every homeowner has different needs and desires for their outdoor space, so it is crucial to consider the pros and cons of each material. Another factor to consider is how the area will be used and by whom. The look of the material is obviously a major consideration, as the patio is the focal point of almost any yard.

What Are the Benefits of Bluestone as a Patio Material?

When considering bluestone as a material for a new patio, it is essential to note some of the positive qualities that bluestone has.


  • Does not stain easily
  • Has a rough surface, making it slip-resistant
  • Is visually striking, adding drama to the patio area
  • Comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and cuts
  • Gives a natural-stone look
  • Is less expensive than imported stone

What Are Some of the Drawbacks to Bluestone as a Patio Material?

As mentioned previously, every homeowner has a different vision for their outdoor space. Considering what is needed and how the area will be used can be vital.


  • Is more expensive than materials such as concrete or wood
  • Can be tricky to fit for a DIY patio installation
  • Would be difficult to cut or alter in a home workshop
  • Might retain heat in the darker shades
  • Needs to be sealed if it will be exposed to pool chemicals or salt

What Is Installing a Bluestone Patio Like?

Installing a bluestone patio has several steps, like any other type of patio installation. The first step will be to have the landscaper come out and take measurements of the space. This will help them know how much material it will take to build the patio and alert them to any slopes or hills that will need to be graded. Next, the homeowner will select the exact type of bluestone that they want to use. Afterward, landscapers will begin laying out the patio, grading the area so that it is flat, and laying down the aggregate, which will serve as a foundation for the bluestone. Once those tasks are done, the bluestone will be laid and, if necessary, sealed.

Valley Deck and Patio: Experts at Patio Installation in Maryland

There is no time like the present to give your house the beautiful backyard oasis that your family deserves. We are experts at all kinds of patio installation and can turn your bluestone patio dreams into reality. Contact us today at 410.983.6261 and take the first step towards your new beautiful backyard.