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Caring for your Outdoor Space

There are a few key area of outdoor construction that require periodic maintenance: deck, patio, landscape, and fence. We have written a few articles to help with cleaning and caring for your space.


Read our article with tips on caring for your paver patio.

Remember, whether its a paver patio or natural stone you will need to use caution. Pressure washing can damage natural stone, joint sand in pavers, and mortar joints in natural stone.

Each manufacturer has their own suggestions regarding use of melting agents, such as rock salt, which for some materials means not using at all. Check the specific recommendation for your patio by accessing the manufacturer’s web site.


Read our tips to take care of your landscape. 

Read about proper watering of new sod. 

Deck and Fence

Your new composite deck or vinyl fence should be mostly maintenance-free so we really did not write an article on this topic.  You can do general cleaning with diluted dish soap and rinse with water. Use a blower or broom to clear leaves and other organic debris. Use care if using a pressure washer.