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Landscape Design in Catonsville

beautiful path and landscape design

Catonsville Landscape Design

Are you looking for a professional Catonsville Landscape Design and installation? We have an expert crew that can install any landscape. Our experience in landscape design means we can select the proper plants for your landscape and make sure your landscape looks the best in the neighborhood.

Landscapes in Catonsville vary but we see a some common themes. The Gold Dust Japonica is a common shrub to see and is a beautiful addition when the landscape is appropriate. At many homes we find it necessary to do a landscape replacement. Shrubs get old and die, eventually they get overgrown.

Plant Selection

Choosing the right plants for the conditions for your Catonsville Landscape project is the key to a beautiful design and installation. Important factors are sun exposure, soil quality, deer and other wildlife considerations.

We also make sure the plants will be the proper size for the area and match the amount of maintenance you are comfortable performing. All landscape designs require upkeep, but most people prefer a low maintenance landscape design.


There is a proper method for landscape installation and landscape planting. Weather planting trees for privacy or shrubs to add color and beauty there is a right way to plant and and a wrong way. The proper method of planting gives plants the most likely chance of survival.

After planting the new beds are filled with mulch to top dress. Mulch helps protect the roots, retains moisture, and prevents weed growth.


Design Process

Call us to talk about your Catonsville landscaping project. We are happy to provide you with a consultation and review the options for your landscape design.

Look at our landscape designs and get some inspiration. After that lets talk about your property and design the right landscape for you. We look forward to scheduling a meeting with you.

Pro tip, always look for company reviews before working with any landscaper. Look at our google profile and review by clicking here.


catonsville landscape installation
Catonsville Landscape Design