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Catonsville Landscaping

catonsville backyard landscape

Catonsville Landscaping

Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio is ready for another great year of Catonsville Landscaping. Everyone is ready for sun shine and the trees and flowers to bloom.  If enhancing and upgrading the landscape is on your spring list we would be happy to schedule a 30 minute consultation to meet you in person.

During our meeting we talk about the enhancement or improvement you want to see in your landscape. Therefore, by the end of the discussion we will have a basic plan and recommendation to describe to you.  Our mission is to provide you with the information you want quickly. You do not wait for a written estimate or wait days for a follow up.

Catonsville Landscaping Services

There are many types of work that fall under the landscaping umbrella. We focus on a few key areas of landscaping and specialize in providing a high level of professional service in key areas.

Landscape Design

Custom landscape design service is available. You have the option of 2D or 3D renderings. First of all, the design process begins with a basic 2D sketch. After that, you are able to see a first draft of the landscape. Next, we make edits to the design to match the style you want for you home.  Finally, the design is finished and given to the customer for approval.


If you do not need a full design and can work with a concept or basic sketch, we can get right to the installation. Care is made to select the best plants for the site and every effort is made to obtain the best specimens available in the market. Whether you want trees or shrubs planted in your backyard, front yard, or anywhere else the specifics are important.

Mulch Installation

Mulch is the fastest way to to freshen an existing landscape. Edging the beds, clearing weeds and other debris beforehand will make it go even further.


If there is bare dirt and you want some instant gratification, you want sod. It is more expensive than seed and straw, but could be best solution for you. Talk to us about the options. Tall Fescue is the best grass for the Maryland climate. Because material from the sod farm typically likes the sun, if there is shade we may look at alternatives.


For patio, retaining wall, stone work or similar please visit our Hardscape page. You may also want to read this Post.


In Closing

Thanks for reading our post. We hope to work with you and assist you with your next landscape project.


Front Yard Landscaping Catonsville
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Catonsville Landscaping
Catonsville Landscaping