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Catonsville Mulch Installation and Spring Clean Up

person installs mulch

Catonsville Mulch Installation and Spring Clean Up

Catonsville mulch installation is our specialty.

If you are a Catonsville resident there is no doubt that you take great pride in our community, local history, and of course you take an immense amount of pride in your home. A great way to enhance the beauty of your home is with landscaping. Spring it is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs, clean up your landscape beds, prune shrubs, edge beds, and install new mulch.

Mulch Installation

Mulch installation is an important part of landscape maintenance. Mulch will prevent weeds from taking deep root, mulch aids with insulation and water retention for plants, it also makes the landscape beds look fresh, clean, and beautiful. 2 – 3 inches of mulch is idea. Excessive mulch is not good for the landscape, its best to remove some old mulch before adding the new.

Spring Landscape Clean Up

To get the most from new mulch, a landscape clean up should be included as well. A deep and well cut edge is eye catching. Pruned, shaped and neat looking shrubs look best. If some plants have dead areas they need to be removed. Plants that are thin and beyond trimming back should be replaced with new plant material.

Catonsville Landscaping Services

We are happy to serve our local community and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. In addition to spring landscape clean ups and mulch installation we provide tree and shrub planting, sod installation, landscape drainage, and grading.


Call us today and make the first step toward starting your project. Call us at 410-818-8008 and you can use the link below to send a request online.