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Choosing the Right Front Walkway Landscape for Your Home

front walkway landscape

Curb appeal starts in your front yard. It doesn’t matter if you have a big yard or a small one; adding a functional and beautiful front walkway to your landscaping will help you make a great first impression. At Valley Deck & Patio, we specialize in Maryland paver walkways and more for your outdoor living needs. If you are looking for a front walkway option that looks great, affordable, and sustainable, then pavers are something you should consider. Plus, they are extremely flexible about what you can do with them – the design options are endless. Give our expert team a call today to get you started on the right path.

How a Front Walkway Can Enhance Your Landscaping

Walkways can add a warm, welcoming element to the front of your house. They look great and add value to your home. You can keep your design simple and create something unique with pavers. Aesthetically, pavers are more pleasing than a traditional poured concrete sidewalk path, and they offer you more choices, like:

  • Affordability (they are extremely budget-friendly)
  • Added safety with a slip-resistant texture
  • The ability to pick from a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns
  • Moisture resistant
  • No damage from UV rays or harsh weather
  • Made from recyclable and sustainable materials
  • Endless creativity

Because they are engineered and manufactured, pavers are ideal for high traffic areas and climates with extreme temperatures – which can wreak havoc on other building materials. Pavers are designed not to corrode and do not require regular maintenance filling cracks in the surface. If they ever need to be replaced, it’s much easier than other walkway materials because you can replace the individual paver.

Walkways Landscapes in Maryland

Valley Deck & Patio offers comprehensive paver pathway design and installation services. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who ensure you get the same level of service no matter what kind of project you are taking on at your home. We offer the basics in addition to added levels of service, like:

  • A no-commitment consultation and quotation
  • In house design, complete installation
  • 3D software design & rendering
  • Material procurement and delivery
  • Maintenance and repair

Here are the types of pavers we use to create a unique walkway:


Concrete pavers are probably the most durable option out there. They are made from an aggregate mixture to get them in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. These pavers can stay true to their colors for years once treated with a sealant topcoat.


Brick pavers are colored and stamped to look like real brick. They are made up of concrete, clay, and aggregate materials. Like concrete, brick pavers can come in many colors and textures and hold their color over the years. It’s also a highly durable option as they maintain their integrity with high traffic use and are stain-resistant.

Natural Stone

When you think of pavers, you probably think of natural stone pavers. They are still the most common type of pavers out there. Meant for more low-traffic areas, you will likely see them used as edging for a walkway, using flagstone or fieldstone.

Valley Deck & Patio Specializes in Paver Walkways

At Valley Deck & Patio, we can get your front walkway looking great with all of our paver walkway options. Need more help with your landscaping and outdoor hardscaping? We’ve got you covered. We offer a full range of quality hardscape, landscape, and maintenance services in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. In addition to paver walkways, our services include:

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Firepit design and installation
  • Landscape lighting
  • Stone walls
  • Landscaping design and 3-D rendering
  • Maintenance services

Add value to your property with a new paver front walkway by giving our team a call today at 410.983.6261. Our experts can walk you through all of your outdoor options in Maryland.