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Custom Fire Features

An example of custom fire features

Few elements of outdoor décor are more pleasant than a fire feature. Just imagine sitting around a crackling fire in the evening, sipping a beverage, and enjoying time with family and friends. Clearly, that’s the ideal use of a backyard. Therefore, backyard fire features are a perfect addition to consider when planning an exterior remodeling project. Fire features can add coziness, drama, and even lighting to the outdoor space, and having one custom-built can check all the boxes at once.

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What Is a Fire Feature?

The term ‘fire feature’ covers a fairly broad spectrum of fire-related structures that can be added to an exterior space. The most basic are backyard fire pits — basins made of metal that are designed to hold a burning fire. Others can be more complex and elaborate, such as fire/water features, fire tables, fire columns, extending onto whatever the homeowner can imagine.

How Do Fire Features Work?

There are several different ways that a fire feature can be designed to work. Some of these are:

  • Wood-burning – simply place the wood in and start the fire as one would start a campfire
  • Liquid propane – these burn liquid propane fuel and can be turned on and off like a propane grill
  • Natural gas – much like a gas-burning fireplace, these features use natural gas and can be turned on and off at will
  • Gel-based – these features use an alcohol-based gel much like the little flames used to keep food warm on a buffet
  • Electric – uses an electrical starter switch, similar to some interior fireplaces

Why Choose a Custom Fire Feature?

Custom fire pits and other features have many benefits. They can be designed exactly to the specifications of the homeowner. They can also be constructed from materials to perfectly complement the home’s exterior look, as well as the overall visual flow of the rest of the outdoor space. Especially when designing custom fire pits in Maryland, or any region that has four distinct seasons, weather can also be a consideration when choosing materials and fuel types. In order to fulfill the specific requirements of the landscaping project, a custom fire feature is almost the only choice.

What Materials Can Be Used?

Many materials can be used to create the look of a custom fire feature. In fact, even flammable materials such as wood can be used as a cladding material. This can be used to conceal the necessary non-flammable metal where the fire will be held.

The sheer variety of stone, concrete, metal, and brick looks that can be created make a custom fire feature easy to use, no matter what type of design aesthetic is wanted. From ultra-modern to farmhouse to traditional, there is no outdoor remodeling project that can’t be enhanced with the addition of a custom fire feature.

Decorative vs. Functional: Why Not Have Both?

Fire features are beautiful and add drama to any yard. However, the ability to utilize them as part of the outdoor living space is also important. Considerations of cooking, entertainment, and lighting are all issues that can be solved by including a custom fire feature as part of an exterior remodeling process.

Valley Deck & Patio Builds Beautiful, Functional Custom Fire Features

In the state of Maryland, Valley Deck & Patio is helping homeowners make their backyard oasis dreams come true. If you have been longing for an outdoor space that your family will love for years and decades to come, don’t hesitate to contact us at 410.983.6261 and learn what we can do to help you transform your outdoor life. Our team of talented, visionary design professionals have the experience and knowledge to bring your dream yard to life.