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Custom Landscape Design

beautiful paver walkway

Custom Landscape Design and Landscape Installation

A professional landscape can often mean the difference between a “nice house” and an “amazing house” when you look around. We drive by so many houses that are beautiful but the landscape is shortchanging the true potential of the house. Getting a custom landscape design and landscape installation from a professional landscape contractor is the “X” factor.


When we talk about home improvements there is always a budget aspect. There is an intersection of needs and wants which is the happy meeting point of a landscape design. It is important to talk about budget with the landscape contractor because it will save you time and often get you the best deal. Also, if you are talking to multiple companies it puts them all on a level playing field. Without telling a landscaper your budget you may get 3 wildly different proposals. This makes it harder to compare and gives you less information to evaluate since one or two may be way over budget while another seems strangely cheap.

Chose the Right Landscape Contractor

Make sure you work with someone you trust and who has a proven track record of making customers happy. Looking up online reviews is a good start. However, the most important thing you can do is make sure the company has a license. Many people do not realize it, but landscaping does require a Maryland Home Improvement License. Look up any contractor with a MHIC License Search.

Design Process

Custom designs are not free. Most professional landscape design and install companies have a $200 – $300 fee for a design. That amount is credited back to you after you hire them for the job. A lot of work goes in to making a landscape design so it is only fair. We often will provide a rough sketch at no charge along with the proposal. If customers want a more detailed look we will provide a 2-D or 3-D Landscape Design.

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