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Custom Water Features

An example of custom water features

Imagine sitting in the peace of your yard, listening to the quiet bubbling of water or gazing into a still, clear pool. This is a dream of homeowners everywhere. A custom water feature can help bring that extra level of enjoyment to a backyard oasis. In fact, water features have been popular for thousands of years. In our modern age, there are more sophisticated choices than ever before. Adding custom water fountains to an exterior remodeling project can be easier than you think.

What Is a Custom Water Feature?

Water features can take almost any form that you can imagine. The only barriers to what is possible are your climate, your budget, and the geography of your property. For example, for those designing backyard getaways in Maryland, or in other regions that have four distinct seasons, the weather will need to be a consideration. However, a great landscape design company can make sure that your custom water feature ideas become a reality.

Some of the types of custom water features are:

  • Water fountains
  • Water walls
  • Gazing pools
  • Fish ponds
  • Fire/water features
  • Water gardens

What Are Custom Water Features Made Of?

Custom water features can be made from nearly any material that would normally be used in outdoor buildings. Features can be constructed of stone, brick, or other matching material to complement the home’s exterior. They can also be constructed of wood, metal, or even more exotic materials, depending on the look that is wanted, as well as the overall aesthetic of the project.

Why Choose a Custom Water Feature?

There are many prefabricated water features out there available for purchase, but there really is no substitute for a custom-designed item that is specifically made for a project. Also, when working with a landscaping design company, homeowners can take advantage of the experience that a trained designer brings to a project. This has helped many projects go smoothly and avoid pitfalls, which is always the better outcome.

Custom Water Features Can Enhance the Outdoor Space

When designing a backyard oasis, there are many principles that a landscape architect must consider. Angles, lines, geometric shapes, balance, and aesthetics must all be combined with a full understanding of the way that the space will be utilized by the family. Adding a beautiful custom water feature can:

  • Make the yard more attractive
  • Create harmony with gardens
  • Enhance the look of the yard

It doesn’t matter what design aesthetic is already in place. Whether it is traditional, modern, farmhouse or any other look, the outdoor life of the family can be improved by the addition of a custom water feature.

Integrating a Custom Water Feature With a New or Existing Irrigation System

Irrigation systems have become a popular addition to yards these days. Installing one of these systems involves the placement of water lines in the yard, which are then operated by a timing system that controls the release of water.

These types of systems have become more commonplace as homeowners get busier and have less time for yard maintenance. They can also be highly economical and help avoid water wasting. If you are already considering adding one of these systems to help keep your plants looking beautiful, adding a custom water feature is even simpler.

Valley Deck & Patio: Experts at Custom Water Features

At Valley Deck & Patio, we are committed to helping our customers’ backyard getaway dreams come true. Moreover, our team of talented, visionary landscape designers has the experience and knowledge to transform your family’s outdoor life. Reach out to us today at 410.983.6261 and learn what we can do to turn your yard into a place that your family will enjoy for years and decades to come.