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Add Pool Decking Around Your New Pool

Getting Started on a Pool Patio

Add Pool Decking Around Your New Pool

Pool Patio in Clarksville

You are excited and ready. Your pool project is underway or just about to finish. You have a beautiful pool, but no patio or decking around the coping. You really want more space around the pool so you and the family can lay out in the sun and relax! What kind of pool decking or patio should you add?

Patio Space Around Your Pool


As soon as the pool construction is done you may just have a small concrete area or just a coping. The right patio design for your

Getting Started on a Pool Patio

pool will make a huge difference. Planning, planning and more planning is the key. Pools are a centerpiece an outdoor living space. The correct use of the space around the pool will maximize the use and enjoyment of the investment in the pool.

Paver Patio Pool Decking

Pool Decking Pikesville

One of the most common pool decking materials is pavers. There are numerous advantages in build quality of the final project. Your pavers will look good for a long time. Using a lighter color will help keep surface temperatures cooler. The strength of pavers resists cracking and if there is ever a crack, it is an easy fix. Pavers for patios around a pool are very versatile and some beautiful and creative designs can be installed.

Alternative Pool Decking Materials

Using natural stone is another popular option. Bluestone, Flagstone, and Travertine all can be considered. We are focusing on pavers on this post. We are happy to cover all the options you have a help you reach the right decision. Some people as about poring concrete or using stamped concrete. Other options we can discuss with you. Our goal is to work with you to make the ideal custom solution that works for you.


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