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Does My Yard Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining Wall

Does My Yard Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are all around us. You probably see them every day. In most cases you may not even notice them. However, walls are important as they serve a valuable function. With the right design, a wall can also enhance the beauty of the landscape.


Retaining walls provide more usable space around your property. With more space you could create a patio, landscape area, or

walkway. Or it will simply create more space to run around for the kids, your dog, or the adults to play some yard games.

How is a Retaining Wall Built?

It’s all about that base! Anything this is built needs a good foundation. The base course is the longest part in the process as the wall needs to be level. If the base course is off, the entire wall is going to look bad. Proper excavation and footing is important to make sure the new wall is able to stand and look good for a long time. Drainage is an equally important consideration. Proper backfill of clean stone to facilitate drainage and reduce hydrostatic pressure on the wall is a priority. A piece of filter cloth to separate the native soil from the clean stone is needed. Geo-grid stabilization is the last key component we will mention.


What Types of Materials Can I Use for a Retaining Wall?

Let’s talk about 3 options for retaining wall building materials. Segmented Block, Natural Stone, Poured Concrete.

  • Segmental retaining wall blocks are the most common for functional reasons. There is a variety of options for look and style. It is important to select the right block for the application.
  • Natural stone is typically appropriate for smaller walls and give a natural look. A dry stack wall with natural stone is a fantastic accent in any landscape.
  • Concrete walls will not be very pretty, but they are strong and will fill the need. Covering the concrete wall in veneer is a great option to improve the aesthetic.


Check Before You Build!

There are code and local requirements that vary by municipality or specific area. Check to see if a permit is required. Retaining walls over a certain height require engineer’s planning. Get in touch with us if you are looking for someone to build a retaining wall at your property.


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