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Ellicott City Landscaping

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Ellicott City Landscaping

Tree and shrub planting Ellicott City - deer resistant
Deer resistant landscaping in Ellicott CIty.

Ellicott City is one of the best places to live in Maryland, if not the entire country. There are great schools and fun activities. In addition, there are many beautiful new and older homes in the area.  A beautiful landscape will takes a beautiful home to the next level. Therefore, using a professional contractor for your Ellicott City landscaping project is the first step.

Tree and Shrub Planting in Ellicott City

During our landscape consultations we first establish the scale of the project and prioritize your wants and needs. There are site considerations needed as well. What kind of sunlight does the area get? Are deer a problem? How much room for growth? After we have gathered this information a basic plan can be made.

Ellicott City Landscape Design

Ellicott City landscape design
Ellicott City landscape design

Designing your landscape is when the fun starts. Your custom landscape design can take may shapes and the possibilities are limitless. Maybe the project requires a large plan, with many mature ornamental trees, layers of different colors and textures of shrubs, and flowering perennials. On the other hand, your project may be more simple landscape plan and only need a dozen shrubs.

Ellicott City Landscaping
Ellicott City Landscaping

Landscape Replacement

Just like the inside of a home may need a remodel, maybe your landscape does. A landscape demolition and removing the aged, overgrown, or dead plants. Full removing the plants provide a blank canvas for the new installation. Having a blank canvas also aids the design process.

Landscape Enhancement

If your landscape is in overall good condition but needs some help to realize its full potential, its time for enhancement. A typical enhancement will include giving attention to the existing plants. Prune, remove dead, edge beds and mulch the beds are standard. Additionally, expanding the beds, adding some new plants, and stone or border accents are amazing additions.


Start Your Landscape Project

If you are ready to start your landscape project Contact Us so we can begin the process. Reach outline or give us a call at 410-818-8008.


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