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Custom Stone Patio Designs in Ellicott City

custom patio construction

Few projects can provide the beauty and benefits of a well-designed custom patio. As an important element of your landscape design, a custom patio can include elements like pavers, natural stone, decking, and plants to create the ultimate look and feel you want to achieve. At Valley Landscaping, our design team can also help with added patio features like an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, stone wall, or other landscape services. The patio materials you ultimately choose will depend on your personal preference, size of the coverage area, location, budget, and the type of design you are going for. Your ideal outdoor oasis is only a phone call away at 410.983.6261.

Custom Stone Patio Construction Options

Bluestone and Flagstone patios are made to last forever. You can use this natural material in the backyard or as part of the front walkway of your home. The ultimate curb appeal statement is a front porch with natural stone and a pathway connecting to the driveway. Natural stone patios are a classic, timeless look. The natural material connects to nature, and the veins of color provide a beautiful contrast.

One of the most interesting things with natural stone is the color change from wet to dry. After rain, you will see darker tones and contrasts in the stone. When dry, stone will look lighter in color and catch your eye a little differently. Cast stone veneer on vertical surfaces complements the natural stone flatwork and transitions the material from one point of view to the next.

Multi-Level outdoor living spaces that incorporate a deck and a patio can create different zones and entertaining areas. For instance, the deck could be a family entertaining area with kids’ toys and dining tables, while the lower area could be carved out as an adult space – no toys allowed. Imagine inviting neighbors over for happy hour or friends over to enjoy the fire on weekend evenings. It creates a space open and inviting for everyone.

Building an Outdoor Patio in Ellicott City

A custom-designed landscape with the right plants and natural stone walls can help take a beautiful home to the next level. Your front yard is the gateway to first impressions. A beautiful landscape with the right features will greet you and your guests each time you arrive. A popular finishing touch is the thermal finish bluestone cap.

A mix of colors and texture in the landscape paired with the irregular stone in the wall keeps the eye moving around to multiple points of visual interest. Make your home your castle and have the best-looking house on the street.

When it comes to plant selection in landscape design, various conditions should be taken into consideration. If deer are a problem, make sure to get deer-resistant plants. Also, make sure to choose appropriate plants for the sun and light exposure your property gets. In some cases, soil type may also be an issue to be considered.

Contact Valley Landscaping for Patio and Landscape Design Projects

When you partner with Valley Landscaping to build your next patio, you’ll get the benefit of working with seasoned professionals who can help you through every phase of your project. We deliver a complete patio installation experience, so you don’t have to work with multiple companies.

Our patio design and installation services are thorough and modering, including:

  • 3D software design & rendering
  • Material procurement and delivery
  • Full patio installation
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair

Our team is ready, willing, and able to help you get started. Contact us today at 410.983.6261 for a no-hassle consultation and start planning. Let us help you make your vision a reality.