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Planting in the Fall

two people holding plants and dirt

Fall Planting

Ellicott City Landscape Enhancement Fall Planting
Enhancing you landscape and planting in the fall adds value to your home.

Summer is winding down. Cool nights and pleasant day are ahead. The season is perfect for fall planting and

Fall Planting. Ellicott City Landscaping.
Landscape Replacement and enhancement. Shrub package. Ellicott City landscaping.

landscape projects. There are many types of landscape improvement projects you can complete this season. Fall planting is always on the list. Here are a few specific ideas for your list.

Privacy Planting

Large evergreen trees and tall upright shrubs will provide a screen and privacy for your property. Privacy hedges and trees will add value to your home. Privacy also helps you enjoy spending time outside with your loved ones. Planting can often be used as an alternative to fencing. There are a few plant considerations that need to be evaluated. For example, Leyland Cypress is a frequently used screen. They grow fast and tall. However, if deer are in the area they are not the best option.

Landscape Enhancement

Landscape enhancement is for existing landscapes that may be aging, bare or simply plain and boring. Adding plants, trees and shrubs for color, texture, and structure gives your landscape character. Reshaping beds and adding new mulch also goes a long way to improving the appearance. Many enhancements benefit from a few groups of shrubs and perennials along with an ornamental tree.

Landscape Replacement

Tree and shrub planting Catonsville
Catonsville Fall Landscaping and Planting.

Overgrown, dying, or extremely unsightly landscapes will benefit from a landscape replacement or landscape overhaul. Clearing out the old and working with a new blank canvas is an exciting project. Its like upgrading your kitchen, but outside the house. The possibilities are endless in a landscape replacement. Using that blank canvas it is possible to custom design something very special and unique.

Starting Your Project

If it is time to start your fall planting project contact us to start the process and get the ball rolling. We are happy to guide you through the process and get your project completed.

Curb Appeal Planting Pikesville
Pikesville Landscape enhancement. Curb appeal planting.

MHIC #134277

Home improvements including landscaping should only be done by a licensed home improvement contractor. You may check the status of any contractor by visiting the MHIC website.

Large trees for privacy
Planting Large Trees. Privacy planting, landscaping in Catonsville.