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Hardscape Options for Backyards

outdoor living area in backyard featuring hardscape options for backyards

Designing a property involves looking at hard and soft elements for front and backyards. Hardscape options for backyards allow you to create interest, balance, and functionality to spaces. Before looking at any of these options, develop a list of your goals for your backyard.

Do you want to include an outdoor living area or kitchen? Would you like a retaining wall or stone patio? Using hardscape options helps you achieve those goals. In this guide, we discuss the definition, benefits, and options for hardscaping in your backyard.

What is Hardscape?

Thinking about adding hardscape options to backyards involves understanding what it is first. Hardscaping means you are using inorganic materials to control and enhance your backyard’s landscape. Examples of hardscape elements include:

  • Concrete pavers
  • Decks
  • Pathways
  • Patios
  • Retaining walls

Enhancing your backyard’s landscape is one of the reasons why designers introduce hardscape. Another reason is to help control growth, like with a retaining wall, for example.

Is Using Hardscape Difficult?

Striking a balance in your landscape’s design means incorporating variances in hard and soft elements. Hardscape options for backyards are excellent for achieving that goal. Using hardscape allows you to include non-living design aspects within landscapes. While adding these elements to your backyard might be a bit more challenging than planting shrubs, flowers, or trees, it is not impossible.

The Benefits of Incorporating Hardscape

Hardscape options for backyards have a broad range of benefits, including increasing your property’s value. For example, if you incorporate a stone patio, that reduces water usage and increases property value. Additional benefits include:

  • Hardscaping reduces the water you need for monthly irrigation
  • It is a low-maintenance option compared to using soft elements
  • You can create a definition in specific areas of your backyard
  • Pathways guide guests and other foot traffic through your yard
  • Introducing hardscaping options for backyards increases your property’s functionality
  • These elements reduce erosion and limit weed growth

Hardscape Options for Backyards

There is no shortage of hardscape options for backyards. Think about it this way—if it is not a plant and it works well as an outdoor element, you can introduce it as a hardscape option.

  • Boulders: Adding boulders allows you to add dimension and a natural element to your hardscaping designs. You can use them to guide traffic or define an area.
  • Decks: You do not have to use stone for all hardscaping options. A backyard deck is a beautiful way of adding natural elements to your space.
  • Fire pits: A popular backyard feature is the addition of a decorative or functional fire pit
  • Patios: Extend your outdoor living areas, including spaces off of your deck, using patio stones, pavers, and tiles.
  • Pergolas: Create height, as well as a shade element, to your patio or outdoor living area
  • Walkways: Incorporate flat stones, pavers, and tiles to walkways in your garden landscaping designs. They help prevent tripping while guiding foot traffic.

Contact Valley LSP For Your Hardscaping Needs

Before thinking about hardscape options for backyards, develop a plan. That way, you are creating a balance between the hard and soft elements in your landscape. In addition to hardscaping, we also offer a number of other services to our customers. These services include:

Making a plan also prevents you from using too much of one element, as well as not enough of another. If you need help planning or installing hardscape options for backyards, contact 410.983.6261 to learn how we can help. It’s time to bring your dream yard to life. Contact our team today and start planning your landscape and hardscape today.