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How Can Seat Walls Improve Your Patio Space?

patio seat walls

When most people think of the word “remodeling,” they probably think of the interior of a house. However, outdoor spaces need remodeling too. Making changes to a home’s yard, deck, or patio areas can add appeal and functionality. Furthermore, changes can update the look of the home and make it more usable for the family. One of the best ways to maximize the impact of an outdoor remodeling project is to look at existing structures and find ways to make them better. For patios, one of the best types of improvement is the addition of seat walls.

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Patio Seat Walls: What Are They?

A seat wall is a short wall, often with a wide, flat surface that is meant for people to sit on.

Sometimes seat walls in patios are made of a material that matches the home’s exterior such as brick or stone. Other times, especially when building seat walls in decks, they can be made of wood or vinyl. Seat walls can be constructed as simple low walls with a flat surface, or they can even be constructed with backrests in order to make them more comfortable.

How Do Seat Walls Improve the Look of a Patio Space?

Especially when planning a patio installation in Maryland, or any other region that features all four seasons, patio furniture can be difficult to maintain. Wind, rain, snow, and sun all take their toll on cushions, pillows, and paint. As a result, outdoor furnishings may seem like a less attractive option. Seat walls can provide ample seating for family and guests that is not as vulnerable to weather-related wear and tear.

Another way that seat walls can improve the look of a patio space is in creating visual interest. Seat walls provide lines and focal points in an outdoor space that improve the overall impact of a yard. When designing a backyard oasis, landscape architects often strive to create a sense of balance and harmony, and seat walls perform several functions in this regard:

  • Creating a focal point that can serve as a hub for paths and walkways
  • Enhancing the overall visual impact of the yard by repeating curves or angles
  • Serving as a center point for functional lighting as well as decorative lighting
  • Providing a guide for flower beds or decorative bushes
  • Adding seating, improving the yard’s function as a space for entertaining friends and family

Seat Walls Are a Great Addition to a Landscaping Project

One of the best things about seat walls is that, many times, they are able to enhance an existing patio space. When planning an outdoor remodeling project, it’s always important to find ways that existing spaces can be used in order to stay on budget. Seat walls work excellently in this way. Why? Because they can be designed to improve something that already exists or they can be built in as a part of new construction.

Whatever kind of landscaping project is being planned, seat walls will likely fit in nicely. Furthermore, since they are meant to be permanent, they represent a good investment in the home’s exterior space that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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