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How Much Does a Luxury Outdoor Living Space Cost?

a pair goes over luxury outdoor living cost

Luxury outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity and for a good reason. Outdoor living spaces make for a great place to spend some alone time or host family and friends to celebrate that special occasion. Whatever you plan to use your outdoor luxury space for, you can count on Valley Landscaping to provide hardscape services. Find out more by calling 410.983.6261.

Your next question is probably, “how much does a luxury outdoor living space cost?” As you may have expected, this number varies drastically, but you can have a more accurate idea of what your new luxury outdoor living space will cost when properly budgeting with the right things in mind. Using things you already have is a great way to save some money on the overall cost of the finished product.

Things To Consider in Hardscape Costs

Paver Material

When budgeting for your new luxury outdoor living space, you have to decide what paver material you want. Pavers can be made from concrete, clay brick, natural stone, or just about any other type of hard stone or concrete material. Naturally, the cost of material will vary based on where you’re at and what the market is currently set at, but depending on what amenities your new outdoor space has, expect paver cost to be one of the more expensive components.

Entertaining in Your Outdoor Living Space?

If solitude is what you are going for with your new outdoor space, you might not find it necessary to install any additional entertainment items. If you choose to bypass this section, you can save a lot of money on the overall cost.

If entertainment is an important part, then you’ll want to make sure to set aside plenty of money for whatever it is you want to install. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor entertainment, so before you can properly budget for this portion of your new outdoor space, you need to decide on what entertainment amenities are most important to you and your household. 

When planning this part, something else to keep in mind is how you want to direct the flow of traffic around your living space and where you want people to gather. Consider the following options:

Functioning Amenities

This has the potential to be the most expensive part of your luxury outdoor space. Functioning amenities can be as little as a single fireplace or as extravagant as a complete outdoor kitchen and bar. If you don’t plan on having too many things outside for you and your guests to use, this part of the building process will not cost you very much. However, if you plan on installing a kitchen island, sink, bar, or cooktop, you will want to set aside quite a bit of change as this can get expensive quickly.

Another amenity that is often overlooked in this process is lighting. If you plan to install permanent lighting fixtures, you can expect to spend more money than if you rely solely on light offered by fire or string lighting.

Hardscape Costs from Valley Landscaping

We all know that a luxury outdoor space isn’t fully completed until the landscaping is done. Depending on the scope of the project, you might find yourself planning for a complete landscape remodel, or you could be building your outdoor space around existing landscaping to prevent having to redo it. Either way, landscaping is something to think about when budgeting for your new outdoor space.

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