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How Much Does a Paver Patio Cost?

paver patio being put together
Complex Paver Patio
A more complex design paver patio with inlays and additional features.
Patio with Sitting Wall and Fire Pit
Simple Patio in level area with seat wall and fire feature.

How Much Does a Paver Patio Cost?

That is is million dollar question. The cost of a paver patio vary depending on a variety of factors. Building a patio for you to enjoy is a very custom project. It is designed for you to enjoy and meet your needs, wants, and budget. In addition to the site.

Paver Patio Pricing is Like Buying a Car

The base model is always the lowest cost. But you want power locks, power windows, and a few other things so you actually enjoy owning the car and maximize your investment. Think about your patio the same way. Adding seat walls. fire features, lighting, planting, or water features to the project will enhance the beauty of the finished product and will increase the complexity which all trickles down to the budget.

Multi Level Patio v. Single Level Patio

A single level patio is the most simple to build. In cases where the existing grade is all ready appropriate and site access is open the patio is less complex. When there are two levels there are some additional factors that need to be considered. There may be extensive grading, retaining, steps, and drainage to consider.

Paver Patio Cost Factors

Factors specific to your project that are factors in the the budget.

Pattern Accents and Paver Type

Using one type of material, the same paver, in the entire patio is the lowest price point. You may thing that sounds boring. A simple way to add some accent is a contrasting color border around the perimeter of the patio. It can get more complex from there. Inlays, double borders, and circle kits are some of the accents that can be added.

The Paver Material that is used will also be a factor in price. We only use professional grade pavers, so there is no compromise in quality. However, different finishes, sizes, and colors will play a part in the final cost of the project.

Type of Soil

There is a lot of clay soil around the east coast. Most of the projects we see are in clay soil – and it is a pain. Clay soil will hold more water. When it rains access on your property is minimum. In general when its wet clay makes a big old mess. Clay is a large consideration when we build retaining walls.


Getting in and out plays a big roll. Think about your commute to work. You would need to get paid more to take a job that made you drive 2 hours each way every day. When a patio installation is happening in a hard to access back yard it will make the project take longer. Can we get our machine back there to do the dig? Will the crew need to wheel barrow 10 tons of gravel  and hand carry 4 pallets of pavers? At the other end of the spectrum is a front walkway right off the driveway.

Site Dump

Putting in a patio means digging up the earth. 5, 10, 20, 50 tons depending on the project. Where is the dirt going after excavation? Can it be left behind and graded back into the land? Or, does it need to be hauled away?

Estimated Costs for Paver Patio

A flat cost per square foot is not an appropriate way to price a paver patio. The cost of your patio will be a function of the factors above. Most people have no idea what to expect when it comes to patio installation. It takes research to know what to expect in terms of cost and we can help guide you from here.

Cost of a 300 Square Foot Patio

250-500 square feet is a common size patio for our customers. When thinking about costs, your project will take a crew of 3-4 one week to two weeks to complete, depending on the exact size and other elements added. At least one of the crew members will be a skilled and experienced expert and is paid as a professional should be. There will be more than a quarter million dollars in trucks and machinery used to complete the work. Materials are not cheap either.

If your patio project is a simple 250-300 square foot patio a $10,000 budget should be adequate.


Planning a Patio Project?

If you ready to start planning your patio project send us a message and we can set an appointment to meet. Set Appointment. Also, only work with a contractor that holds an MHIC license. Our MHIC # is 134277 and you can check on the status of any contractors license at MHIC.