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How Pool Patio Decking and Planting Can Create an Ideal Oasis

Pool Patio in Clarksville

Clarksville Patio Howard County

Maybe you all ready had the pool installed and you have a blank canvas. Or perhaps you don’t even know what kind of pool you want yet. Either way, the right design that includes a comprehensive plan with proper execution will completely transform the way you see and use your backyard.

Why Do Patios and Pool Decking Make the Best Outdoor Living Space?

At the start of any outdoor living or pool decking project there is just an empty space. The goal is the fill the space with vibrant design elements and enjoyable features. The right patio decking and flow to the space will make your time outside the most enjoyable. A construction project like this is a big investment, so you want to make sure to get it right. No regrets! Having space around the pool to bask in the sun or duck into the shade are important. What is better than a poolside meal on a warm sunny day? Creating zones around the pool to create relaxing and intimate areas are important considerations as well. A space with a fire feature is an inviting space to cozy around as the sun sets. The right landscape lighting will make the space enjoyable well after dark so you can enjoy the patio even longer.

Pool Patio In Clarksville
Pool Patio in Clarksville

How Do I Start Planning to Build a Pool Patio?

To start planning think about the way you want to use the space. How many people are you going to be entertaining at your pool? What are the ages of your guests? What types of activities will you be doing on the patio area? Your family should talk about the style you prefer – rustic and natural or Contemporary and Sharp. Doing research and finding some inspiration photos is a great idea. Contacting Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio will help with a professional consultation. Our professional outdoor living consultants will use the information you provide and work out a feasible plan that will assist you with meeting your wants, needs, and budget.


How Much Does a Pool Patio Cost?

The answer to the cost question is always variable. The size, scope, and features come into play. Material selections make a big difference too. It is a good idea to think about the scale of project you want. Consider if you are looking for a gold, silver, or bronze backyard. Thinking of things in terms of ranges also helps. Our consultants want to create as much as possible for you within your budget range – let us know what you are expecting to get and a range of what you hope to invest and we can advise from there. A pool deck could be as simple as a project of $20,000 or more complex and $100,000. You can even spend over $500,000 on a backyard project – the sky is the limit. So, please talk to us about this. We do not want to get your excited about a design that is going to cost $200,000 when your budget is $80,000. At any reasonable budget we are able to create a unique and enjoyable living space for you.


Pool Decking and Landscape Ideas

To help get started, download our idea book (for free) and schedule a meeting with us.