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How To Care For Your Deck


A deck can add years of enjoyment to your home, but building materials can deteriorate faster than they should if not given proper maintenance. A little bit of care goes a long way. The goal of regular maintenance is to be able to enjoy the outdoors from your deck for years to come. Learn tips to avoid a complete rebuilding of your deck sooner than needed. Your deck is a great extension of your indoor living space and should be maintained regularly like any other part of your home. The Valley Deck & Patio team can get you set up with pro tips and so much for your outdoor living enjoyment. Call on our team today at 410.983.6261.

Deck Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of your deck will help you avoid major repairs or deck replacement before it’s time. Here are a few tips to keep your deck looking great and in good condition for years to come.

  • If you have outdoor rugs on your deck, use plastic or other synthetic ones as they don’t trap moisture like those made of natural materials.
  • Move your deck furniture and other items around regularly to avoid faded areas on the deck where furniture or rugs stay for long periods.
  • Check for warped or uneven deck boards, then smooth them out with a sander to keep the deck surface level.
  • Power wash wood decks every year, if possible.
  • If your deck hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, use a more concentrated cleaning solution (less water) to be more effective on the build-up.
  • Check your deck for any cracks in the wood, then fill with a wood filler and sand.
  • Waterproof your deck with a pump sprayer and waterproofing solution.
  • If your deck is made of composite decking, it doesn’t take a sealant, but it can be stained with a product specifically designed to refresh the appearance of older composite decks.
  • Keep your landscaping maintained so that any plantings next to the deck don’t overgrow and cause mold, moss, or other growth that cause deck materials to rot.
  • Set up a regular maintenance schedule that includes cleanings and refinishing and get your deck inspected by professionals.

All of these tips can extend the life of your deck and make your time with it quality.

Look to Deck Professionals For Expert Repair and Maintenance

Valley Deck & Patio can help you with custom solutions for your entire outdoor space. If repairing and maintaining your deck is too much for you to handle, we can do it for you. We offer competitive pricing and can work with your budget, needs, and desires for the rest of your outdoor spaces. We can recommend repairs and maintenance using quality materials and equipment.

You also get peace of mind when you hire a quality, licensed landscaping, and hardscaping company. Having trusted, reputable professionals handle what they do best can leave you to live your life without worrying. Check reviews online and always ask for referrals. Better yet, look at their portfolio of work. Our team can handle all of your deck maintenance needs and spruce up other areas of your home’s exterior.

Contact Valley Deck & Patio

Our licensed and insured team of installation and maintenance professionals can help you with any of your outdoor living needs in the greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas. We can help you with keeping your deck in great shape and more, like:

  • Custom fire features
  • Custom water features
  • Landscape lighting
  • Custom designed decks
  • Stone patios
  • Stamped concrete patios
  • Paver patios
  • Paver walkways and pathways
  • Stone and block gardens
  • Outdoor kitchens

Just call us at 410.983.6261 to learn more about your options and start enjoying your outdoor spaces immediately.