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Ideas for Furnishing Your Patio

some furnishing patio ideas for your home

There’s an unspoken elegance to a functionally-arranged backyard living space. Today’s outdoor furniture comes in sturdy, sleek iron silhouettes, powder-coated finishes, comfy weaves, and timeless pieces that echo classic 1960s collections. Some items function as storage, while others are so clean that they quickly pass for extra seating inside. Call Valley LSP at 410.983.6261 for some contemporary inspiration to keep your patio on point.

Luxurious Living Room Essentials

A modern patio functions as an outdoor living room. Elongated sofas and cushy chairs were made for cozy evenings enjoying the sunset. Your seating arrangement should fit your patio dimensions exactly. Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio has many options to choose from. Side and coffee tables in earthy woods, stone, or metals are an excellent complement to summer’s lush greenery.

Having a versatile outdoor living space expands your home. When properly arranged, the patio works as a seating area, outdoor entertainment zone, and gathering place. A beautiful patio addition can increase your home’s value. Adding on-trend furniture to your patio is one of the least expensive upgrades you can make in your home. Carefully planned upgrades to the patio furniture can elevate the look and feel of your entire home. Here are some tips to consider.

Maryland Patio Goals

The patio must complement the house. Avoid creating a huge patio in a small yard or a small patio next to a large house. The home and patio should flow together seamlessly so that entering or leaving feels natural.

High-Quality Patio Furniture

If the original patio was constructed out of concrete and it’s cracking, or the materials are starting to break apart, a complete resurfacing and patio grade is in order. Your selection of materials depends not only on your taste but on your geographic location and climate. Maryland weather isn’t the harshest, but patio furniture should be ice- and mold-resistant. The patio furniture you choose for your home should complement the materials of which your patio is constructed. The following patio materials are popular in Maryland:


Brick is durable and has a rustic appeal, but it is not slip-resistant. Brick also tends to shift. Use brick to outline the edges of garden beds for added stability. Brick looks great alongside wood, stone, and metal furniture. Steel patio furniture adds an industrial aesthetic.


Cobblestones are durable and classic-looking, but they tend to shift, especially when young children visit. The surface can be somewhat uneven. Wrought iron patio furniture looks great on Cobblestones.


Flagstone is available in many shades and is slip-resistant. Flagstone may crack after freezing and thawing, so it’s best to avoid heavy, metal furniture.


Pavers offer varied color and pattern options for more versatility. A professional installer can ensure that it won’t become uneven. Softer furniture options provide a nice contrast.


Tile is timeless and customizable, but it can be slippery. Choose stable, softer-looking furniture around tile flooring.

Creating A Private Space

Homeowners should be able to sunbathe, enjoy meals, or engage in other activities free from neighbors’ prying eyes. Depending on the location, you may not be able to make your patio completely private; a neighbor might be able to see your patio furniture from the upper floors of an adjacent property, but you should aim for as much privacy as possible. This involves functional landscaping around the patio, adding hedges, or building low walls made of materials like brick or stone. Adding an awning is an excellent way to maintain privacy.

Selecting Focal Points

Fountains, fire pits, ponds, and statuaries, make excellent focal points for a high-end patio. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace considerably extends the patio’s usefulness, as you and your guests can enjoy it during every season.

Patio Furniture for Your Maryland Home

A patio is a gathering place, dining area, and an outdoor lounge. A well-designed, well-maintained patio adds a touch of luxury to any home and consequently increases its value. Call Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio at 410.983.6261 for help selecting the perfect patio furniture for your patio.