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Benefits of Landscape Clean-Up

benefits of landscape clean up

This fall, take a look at your property as if you were visiting for the first time. Determining the existing advantages and shortcomings of your landscaping is the first step toward redesigning your space. A specialist at Valley LSP can work with you to outline your goals and help get your project underway. Whether you’re looking to add features or haul away old junk, Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio in Catonsville has you covered.

Make a List of Assets and Problems Before Your Start Your Cleanup

Take photos of your front and backyard in order to come up with a list of assets and issues to address. If you need help finding problems in your yard, ask a friend. If you are a “project person,” it might be time to let go of your unfinished masterpieces. Remember that old sailboat you bought for $500? The one your friends promised to help you fix up? The one that’s been sitting in your backyard for three years? The one with the raccoons living inside? It’s time to get rid of it. Let it go. The outdoor foosball table that used to belong to your cousin–yes, the one that’s falling apart. The only party it’s good for is a termite party. Get rid of it. Adding things to an already-cluttered yard is not a good look. 

Take Photos of Your Yard

The camera is always less forgiving than your own eyes. It’s easy for you to overlook the things you see every day; you’ll be surprised how much the photos call attention to unsightly details. Think objectively as you study the images. Pay attention to views seen from windows and exterior sitting areas. Photos will help you evaluate the features of your home. Perhaps you’ll see your point is an architectural asset, but realize the side of your garage is nothing more than a blank, windowless wall. This information will help you design a landscape that will play up good features and minimize flaws. 

Ask Friends for Help

If any of your friends regularly make fun of your yard, call and ask for their help. Stand across the street and take a panoramic photo of the front yard. You may be surprised to discover that you can see right into your living room window. Or you may never have realized how unattractive your garbage cans are. Sometimes making cosmetic improvements is as easy as removing that pile o scrap lumber you’ve learned to ignore. Take pictures of other areas of the yard, also. Regularly maintaining the following can make a significant improvement in the look of your home:

Don’t Forget Your Assets

Don’t get so discouraged with the problems in your yard that you overlook its potential. Take note of good views, attractive plants, healthy lawn areas, spots with privacy, level areas, and areas of sun and shade in the morning and afternoon. Be sure to list your house’s functional and visually appealing features, such as attractive windows, convenient exterior doors, chimneys, balconies, and railings. 

Removing Yard Clutter is the First Step 

Completing an inventory of your problems and assets might have started with you thinking about your existing landscape’s condition. After examining your home’s problems and assets, redesigning your landscape becomes an attainable goal. Getting things out of the way will show off the things that make your home great. You will also want to take note of places in your yard where water accumulates. Certain types of landscaping can help or hinder drainage issues. Contact Valley LSP today by calling 410.983.6261 to clear out your yard to make room for what’s next.