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Is Travertine Good for Stone Patios in Our Hot and Cold Climate?

travertine stone patios

If you are wondering whether travertine stone patios can withstand hot and cold extremes, we can help. Travertine stands up well to most weather conditions experienced in Catonsville, MD. At Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio, we know the ins and outs of this popular paver choice. Contact one of our specialists today at 410.983.6261 to find out what precautions we take to ensure long-lasting beauty for your outdoor flooring.

How Travertine Stone Patios Fare in Extreme Weather

Many people ask how travertine pavers perform in climates with frequent freezes and thaws. We’re happy to report that our durable travertine pavers do well even in drastic temperature conditions. From 100 degrees Fahrenheit in July to freezing winter weather, travertine stone patios look great season after season, year after year. Travertine is a flexible material used in indoor and outdoor tiling and flooring. Its porous composition and ability to quickly absorb water make it an ideal choice for your landscaping needs. Travertine has tumbled edges to prevent pooling after rain or snow.

When choosing patio tiles, consider material quality. Standard travertine doesn’t fare as well as higher grades. Consider strong, dense pavers that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them for best results throughout the northeast. Premium travertine pavers have fewer holes because their material is denser. Therefore, they can expand and contract with the heat and cold, respectively. 

Travertine Installation Patio Services

Installing travertine properly ensures that your patio can last for years or decades. For best results, set travertine pavers in sand if you live in climates with freezes and thaws. Mortar doesn’t allow the stone to contract and expand as the temperatures change. Eventually, this leads to cracking that causes travertine stone patios to deteriorate. We also recommend choosing high-quality stone that can withstand the test of time. 

Our patio installation services include:

  • 3D software design
  • Travertine procurement and delivery
  • Expert patio installation 
  • Ongoing maintenance service

Once considered a luxury material for the rich and famous, travertine has gone down in price. Now, it’s quite affordable for discerning homeowners in Maryland, making it a great choice for your pool surround or outdoor barbecue area. Note that travertine stays cool underfoot in the hottest weather.

Where Does Travertine Come From?

Travertine is a natural stone found in caves and springs. In quality, it falls between limestone and marble. Travertine stone patios have a unique texture that helps you avoid slips and falls. Prices vary depending on the origin of the stone and its quality. 

Benefits of Travertine Pavers

There are many benefits to choosing travertine pavers from Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio. Some of which include:

  • Travertine stays cool to the touch for warm weather areas such as decks and patios 
  • Travertine’s natural texture makes it slip-resistant 
  • It is cheaper to install since it can be laid on top of sand 
  • Travertine’s natural color resists fading 

Our patio services also include the installation of walkways and paths for a completely new look for your backyard. 

Other Patio Services and Hardscape Solutions

Valley LSP has many options for sprucing up your backyard. Consider hardscape solutions such as fire pits and outdoor kitchens. 

For a rustic look, you can add a truly unique centerpiece to your backyard. We install fire pits that reflect your preferences and dress up your patio. Create lasting memories with a well-planned firepit to warm up chilly evenings and extend the outdoor entertaining season. 

Outdoor kitchens let you create a stylish and functional area for barbecues and weekend meals. We can help you design a kitchen area that meets your budget and unique lifestyle. 

Travertine Stone Patios in Maryland

Whether you’re looking for travertine stone patios or other patio services, come to Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio in Catonsville, MD. Contact us at 410.983.6261 for more information on how to make your outdoor living area beautiful.