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Landscaping With Trees

a contractor doing landscaping with trees

No matter what landscape style you choose, trees are likely to play a significant role. Landscaping with trees adds color, texture, and dimension to a home’s exterior. They can also establish lines that define your style. Visual paths in composition are called lines. Lines are created where the edge of one structure meets another surface material, like mulch, stones, or grass. Trees can add privacy, frame entrances, and make other structures look and feel at home in your landscape design. Landscape design, although sequential, is also cyclical, it is a process of revision and refinement. No matter your goals and experience, the landscape architects and garden designers at Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio can help you create a beautiful landscape in the Catonsville and Ellicott City areas.

Like other plants, properly placed trees can be used to solve design flaws in your yard’s layout. They can become accents, add privacy, define zones of use, make an area feel people-sized, provide shade, and contribute to your yard’s vertical definition. Proper tree placement ensures that your home’s exterior will never appear flat, static, or cluttered. Tree selection is extremely important in landscape design; every tree serves a purpose.

Landscaping with Trees: Checklist for Tree Selection

A landscaping professional can help you answer the following questions to evaluate or select the trees you want to use in your planting plan:

  • Purpose of the tree within your design
  • Mature size (height and spread)
  • Rate of growth
  • Evergreen or deciduous
  • Seasonal interest
  • Form (shape)
  • Cultural requirements
  • Availability and expense
  • Negative characteristics to avoid

When designing your yard, look at each location on your master plan, and list the ideal tree characteristics for that specific location. For example, a tree for the center for a courtyard entryway should be relatively small when mature, have noninvasive roots that won’t buckle the nearby pavement, have accent qualities during at least part of the year, and remain attractive even when it isn’t in peak color.

Landscaping services offered at Valley LSP

Your landscape design can change your life. The professionals at Valley LSP will show you how to design the space outside your home so it’s as attractive and useful as the interior. Instead of being intimidated by Latin plant names, think of these as a tool to make your yard work for you. Your landscape will serve whatever purpose you desire, and the way you use it will help you divide it subtly into separate zones. One area may be used for entertainment while another offers tranquility and solitude. Whether you need a shady play area for a swing set or an herb garden, the landscape artists at Valley LSP can help your house feel like a home. We offer an array of landscaping services in the Columbia, MD area to suit your individual needs:

  • Landscaping walls
  • Landscaping with trees and shrubs
  • Laying sod
  • Re-mulching
  • Enhancements
  • Replacements
  • Deer-resistant landscaping

Hardscape refers to the elements outside your home that are constructed. Decks, patios, walls, and arbors are a few examples of popular Maryland hardscapes.

We offer the following hardscaping services at Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio:

Tree Planting Services in Columbia, MD

In landscape design, form allows function. The trees in your yard will complement existing structures and prepare the eye for new ones. The elite design services we offer at Valley LSP will make a drastic improvement in your home’s appearance. Small changes in your landscape can also save your time and money in maintenance costs. Reach out to Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio today at 410.983.6261 to learn how.