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Maintain Your Pavers

You have a great patio, you love it, and it provides hours of fun and entertainment. What are the best ways to take care of this space and make sure it looks its best for years to come? Read our tips to maintaining your pavers below. Also check out our overall guide to caring for your outdoor space including decks, fences, and plants.


For general cleaning, your pavers can be cleaned with diluted dish soap and rinsed with water.  With the diluted detergent, use a push broom to give it a scrub. If you need something more heavy duty to maintain your pavers there are some specialty concrete degreasers you can use. Sweep or blow off leaves and other debris regularly. Decomposing leaf stains will stain your patio. Algae and moss are common but can be reduced by using products such as Wet and Forget which is available online and at retail stores. Use extreme care if you are planning to pressure wash. Use of a power washer may eject sand from the joints. We suggest only using a pressure washer if you want to eject sand and re-sand the patio.

Sealing Your Pavers

  • We recommend sealing your pavers to protect them from UV light and stains. This is the patio equivalent of waxing your car. Our standard process involves a water based natural look sealer.
  • Pavers can be sealed 60 days after installation.
  • Every 3-5 years, it is recommended to power wash, re-sand, and seal your pavers.


Polymeric sand in the joints will degrade over time and change color. New sand in the joints is a big part of patio revitalization. It is a little thing that goes a long way. Often times cleaning pavers and replacing the joint sand will make a patio look brand new again.

Efflorescence in New Patios

Keep in mind, it is common to see a newly installed patio exhibit signs of efflorescence. This is a natural process of salts working their way to the surface of the patio. It will go away over time. After 1 year efflorescence can be washed with an special efflorescence.