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Owings Mills Outdoor Living Space

Patio added to Deck Owings Mills

Owings Mills Outdoor Living Space

Designing and building this outdoor living space in Owings Mills was an incredible experience.

Outdoor Living Owings Mills Patio and Deck
This Patio with all the right features was the perfect compliment to this deck.


Patio with Features added to Deck

In Owings Mills we had the opportunity to create an amazing outdoor living space. A multiple level deck from patio combination. The deck was a great space for entertaining by itself. But our customer was limited to just one level. Walking down from the deck, the ground was muddy. Not to mention a lot of muddy paws from the 2 dogs of the house. This project involved all the goodies, including plants and lighting.


Creating a Outdoor Living Space with Deck and Patio in Owings Mills

For this project we had a blank slate. There was a moderate slope in the yard, enough to require some wall to retain the patio. When designing a patio connecting to a deck, the goal is a natural flow from one space to the next. Think of the inside of the home and how the entertaining space of a finished basement differs from the main level.


Enhancing the Project with Features

Fire Feature and Seat Wall Owings Mills Outdoor Living
Paver Patio with gas fire feature and seat walls in Owings Mills

Low Voltage Lighting

When you bought you car you made sure to get the features important to you, right? Instead of power windows and leather seats, we talk about seat walls and fire features. A main concern for this backyard was the lack of light. The customer wanted a solution to get some light in the backyard so the area could be enjoyed in the evening. Low voltage lighting is a great way to provide some accent light and brighten up the space. Low voltage lighting will not provide enough light to read a book, but it provides cozy lighting to make the space feel welcoming after dark. It also provides enough light for you to see where you are walking and make sure you can find your glass of wine.

Fire Feature

Nothing can beat a fire feature with an outdoor living space, Adding a fire feature added to the lighting solution. When the fire it on, extra light brightens up the space. Fire also provides warmth to extend the useable season of the patio. In this project the customer wanted to have an easy way to start a fire and let it run. So we elected to use a propane fueled fire feature. With the turn of a knob and click of a button, like magic a fire appears.

Seat Wall with Columns – Adding More Outdoor Living to this project in Owings Mills

Seat walls not only give an obvious place to sit down, they also frame out the area. Seat walls are a natural addition when fire features are involved. Columns make a statement and are an elegant way to cap off the wall.

Planting – Important to this Outdoor Living Project

Planting some colorful shrubs, ornamental trees, and perennials add the soft touch needed to make the space natural and inviting. We typically advise to take 10% the value of the construction phase of the project and invest that in the landscape. Planting around the patio and deck added some nice color and as the plants grown the space will continue to evolve.

Owings Mills Outdoor Living Patio and Deck with Landscaping
Patio and Deck with landscapeing


Planning Your Outdoor Living Space in Owings Mills

If you are looking to create the ultimate outdoor space we are here to help. Making patios, features, and decks come together is our specialty. We are here to help. Let us know what you want to see in your back yard. Get in touch with us and lets start the journey.


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