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Patio Construction Clarksville

worker adds paver patio


Paver patios are an ideal project for enhancing the landscape at your Clarksville home. At Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio we specialize in outdoor home improvement and all things landscape and hardscape. We proudly serve Clarksville and the surrounding areas in Howard County. We have designed and installed many paver patios and stone patios in the area. With professional design software we can create a custom paver patio that fits your outdoor entertaining lifestyle. You can enhance your patio with a fire pit, sitting wall, water feature or any other custom element you want.

Patio Construction Clarksville, MD
Patio Construction Clarksville, MD


If you live in a newly built home in Clarksville we can find the right material to match the style of your property. A  flagstone patio or pavers that are manufactured to have an old style. What if you would rather have a modern style

Patio Clarksville
Patio Clarksville, MD

patio? Our experience designing in all styles gives plenty of options for patio pavers that showcase the most current patio design trends.


Since not all materials are created the same it is important to use high quality manufacturers. Because of that we use Nicolock, Techo Bloc, Unilock and Cambridge. We only install a high quality and professional products for your patio.

Patio Design Clarksville
Patio Design Clarksville Outdoor space to entertain


Probably the most common question is “how much does a paver patio cost?” While a lot of companies and websites will use a price per square foot to install a patio it is not always accurate. Because each job and job site is different it is impossible to hold all things constant. Hence, you should expect some variables.


For more information on the patio pavers we can install for residents of Clarksville, MD and surrounding neighborhoods, contact Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio. Contact us or visit  our home page.

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