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Patio Ideas

Patio Ideas

Inspiration for a new Patio

You have started to plan your patio project. First you want to find out what options you have. Searching for patio ideas, designs, and material choices is a great start. For many, this is the first and maybe only patio project you will plan. Because you may only do this once you want to do it right.

Patio Design Ideas and Layout

Above all else you should start by thinking how you want to use the space. Will you be entertaining 10 or more people regularly? Is the space meant to be private and for more intimate groups? You are the only one who can answer those questions and you probably need to give that some thought. Certainly you want the outdoor living space to match your lifestyle. Before even thinking about the materials and the footprint you need to understand the function of the space. After that the design and layout falls into place.


Style of Pavers and Patio

Natural Stone Texture Pavers
Nicolock Patio with Stone Veneer Wall and Fire Pit.

There are many different style of pavers with various textures. Likewise there are many different color options.  Regardless, it is important to select a high quality paver. Some pavers have a natural stone tecture. Other have a more smooth texture. Additionally you may decide to have a modern looking rectangle patio. In contrast, you could do a curved and classic style patio. The most popular paver we installed in 2019 is Techo-Bloc Blu 60. 

Paver patios are high quality.
Paver Patio with Inlay.

Details, Inlays, and Borders

A popular detail in patio construction is a contrasting color paver on the border of the patio. The edge of the patio is set off from the main patio and adds some additional color. Another popular option are inlays. Inlays introduce a new type of paver that is different from the main field.  When used properly, inlays add a lot of style to a patio.


Ideas for Additional Features

When it comes to additional features there are almost unlimited possibilities. It seems like fire features and seat walls are the two most popular features. Many times the seat wall and fire feature compliment each other. It is important to not over-do the features. Too many will be a distraction and will decrease the value of the space. Talk with your landscape or patio designer about any other options that may be good additional features.


Starting Your Patio Design

Patio Ideas and Patio Design
Patio Ideas and Patio Design

Now that you have some ideas for your patio it will be beneficial to speak with a patio design expert. We are always excited to create a new outdoor living space. Talk to a patio designer and start turning your ideas into reality.