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Patio Under Deck

man sits on bench swing on patio under deck

Two Levels of Entertainment

There is no better way to maximize your outdoor than a patio under deck. There are many advantages of a paver patio being directly under the deck or continuing from the landing of the deck steps. The under deck patio is most useful when there are stairs leading down. However, even if you do not have stairs you are still able to benefit.


Functional Benefits

When you have a back door at ground level there is often a lot of dirt and mud tracked in the house. Its hard not to since there is all dirt and mud in the area leading up to the door. A patio area eliminates the dirt and mud near your back door. It gives you an area to wipe you feet and your 4 leg friends a place to clean off their paws. Its a great transition area. There are further benefits when you add a pathway to the patio area. A design the connects the front of the house with the patio and deck is idea. Unfortunately this is impossible with most townhouse set ups.


Patio Under Deck
Paver Patio Under Deck

Protection from the Elements

Having the deck over head may block out a portion of the sun for a part of the day. You are also able to add a rain blocker with the deck so the area under it stays dry. Having a covered area means you can use the space more days of the year. Rainy day, no problem. When it gets chilly bring out a heater and the cover will trap more heat. Add an outdoor TV and you can watch the game on the patio whenever you want.


Patio Extending from Deck Stairs

Deck and Paver Patio
Paver Patio with Deck

Perhaps its impossible or impractical to have a patio under the deck. But, it makes a lot of sense to have the patio start at the landing area of the deck steps. Depending on back door location we can sometimes make all areas flow together well. For instance, you walk out to your deck from the second level of your home. Walk down the stairs and you are on the patio. You can walk across the patio to the door for the lower level. When these areas flow together it provides a maximum experience.


Planning You Paver Patio Project

Get in touch with us to talk about your project. We will walk through the decisions and start creating a design that you will love and enjoy. MHIC #134277.