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Patio Restoration

person restores a patio

Patio Restoration

Have an old patio that has seen better days? You can easily spruce it up by doing a patio restoration. In addition to patio construction, paver patio installation and patio design Top Turf Landscaping can revitalize you old patio. This year we have seen some old patios in Ellicott City and some more in Catonsville. Those patios needed some attention. Moss grows on pavers sometimes. Grass starts to get in between the joints. Other times we see patios sink (when other companies build them) or buckle because of tree roots over time.

Step 1

To revitalize and restore your patio the first step is cleaning. Our service starts with power washing the surface. If there are stains we use a cleaning agent. Once all the dirt and stains are removed we can move on to step two.

Step 2

Now it is time to add some more sand to fill the paver joints. Regular sand or poly sand may be used. We will help you decide the sand specifics before we start the job.

Step 3

Add a sealant to make the finished product pop.


Sinking or Buckled Patio

Here we will decide if its worth it to fix or maybe you want to just get a whole new patio. A lot of times the sand base will wash away due to rain. Rather than simply fix the problem we consult you and seek out the root cause. If we can eliminate the problem rather than just giving it a band-aid that is what we will do.



We are proud to serve the area we call home. For your patio installation or restoration we are at your service. Our patio projects take us from Towson to Pikesville one day. The next day we have patio projects in Catonsville or Elkridge.


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