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Paver Patios in Middle River

man adds stones to paver patio

Paver Patios in Middle River

With beautiful houses being built we are building more and more backyard paver patios in Middle River. In Geenleigh at Crossroads it is popular to add a patio under the deck. Under deck patios add a second level of outdoor living space.

Patio Under Deck

Patio Under Deck
A patio under deck is another area for entertaining.

So many new homes, especially townhouses, are coming with decks. Whether or not you have stairs from the deck, adding a new paver patio under the deck adds to your ability to entertain and relax outdoors. During the summer months the deck overhead provides shade from the sun so you can enjoy staying a little cooler. You can add a roof system to the bottom of your deck to keep the patio area dry. There are many advantages along with increased home value when you add a paver patio.

Interlocking Pavers: Better than Stamped Concrete

For people looking at making a home improvement there are many options. For patios we see people weighing options between stamped concrete and pavers. The reasons we decide to only install pavers are quality, lifespan, and environmental. Pavers leave a more natural look and present a higher quality finished product. If a single paver cracks it can be replaced and the crack does not spread further. In this climate we see a lot of freeze / thaw cycles which is not good for concrete. Interlocking pavers give us the option of building permeable so that water

drains through the seams which reduces runoff.


Paver patios are high quality.
Custom paver patios give more options than stamped concrete.

Planning Your Middle River Paver Patio Project

There are a few components to your project depending on the scope and your location. Most likely you will not need a Baltimore County Permit. However, if you live in a new community like Greenleigh at Crossroads there will be some HOA process. We are able to handle any requirements of an HOA including material samples and 3D designs.


Lets Start Planning Your Patio Project

Get in touch and we can work together on creating the best project for you to meet your wants and needs. Call us at 410-818-8008 or submit and online request.