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Paver Walkway

beautiful paver walkway

Paver Walkway

Replacing a concrete pathway with a paver walkway is an attractive upgrade. It is a simple project that adds a lot of character to your home. What kind of hardscape walkway should you choose? There are no shortage of options. That means you can get a custom look and feel. Here are some additional things to consider.

Types of Paver Material

There are a few basic pavers to use in your front walkway. Most of the time a path is connecting the driveway to the front porch. But it does not stop there. You can also re-face the porch, completely replace the porch, or even add a paver driveway. The standard size for pavers are 6X9 and 6X9. However, pavers also come in much larger sizes. Concrete pavers are a very popular material. For people who want to go “green” there are permeable pavers which allow water to drain through rather than creating runoff.

Installation Time

The project length will depend on the size of the project. Small and simple pathways and walkways can be replaced in one day. Larger projects will take more time. A skilled crew will complete any job more efficiently than less experienced crews. The quality of the finished product should be the main concern.

Cost to Install a New Paver Walkway

Each project also has its own unique factors to consider. A simple walkway under 100 square feet it is a one day job and will take 2-3. One or two of these are highly skilled and experienced experts. It may sound shocking, but the powers that be levy additional fees and in the end each employee salary costs the company 1.5 time more.  $100,000 in equipment and machinery is used to complete the job. Concrete disposal fees from the old walkway which are usually $80 -$100 per ton.

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