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Power Washing Your Patio

a person power washing patio

The elements make a big mess of the hard surfaces around your home. Even just normal use of these surfaces can make it hard for you to keep them looking beautiful and like-new. One key area of concern is the patio. Power washing patio surfaces is one of the best ways to maintain it long term, but also one of the easiest ways to avoid replacements. Our team at Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio can help you with this.

Why Power Washing Patio Areas Is Ideal

If you plan to have a group of people over for a cookout or you just want to lounge on your patio and enjoy a good book, it has to be clean. The problem is that exposure to the elements makes it very hard for you to achieve this. You may find that power washing patio surfaces is an exceptional way to improve this. That’s because power washing can:

  • Remove grime that’s smashed into surfaces
  • Strip away years of buildup
  • Refresh surfaces to make them like new
  • Get rid of bacteria and mold buildup
  • Minimize the need to replace materials

What Surfaces Can You Use It On?

You can power wash patio surfaces of many types. When our team provides these services to you, one of our biggest goals is to ensure we improve the look and cleanliness. That is why we always test out the use of our power washing services first to ensure it will not damage the surface. We can often use these services on your cement or stone patio. We can also use it on some types of composite materials, wood, and pavers.

In addition to the patio surface itself, we may also be able to use it on some furniture, the walls of your home, and the exterior surfaces around your patio. Every situation is different. We can use this service in many areas.

How Does the Process Work?

When you turn to us for power washing patio surfaces, our team will come out to provide an estimate for the work to be done. We will then answer all of your questions. When the day comes to get the work done, we’ll ensure we will not damage the surfaces. Often, with power washing, we can also avoid using costly and environmentally toxic chemicals on these surfaces. That allows us to clean and modernize your space without having to damage the environment in the process.

Why Invest in Hardscape Services Like This?

Power washing patio surfaces is one of the best ways to improve those areas. You can use them more readily. It can also prolong the life of them. We encourage our clients to invest in hardscape services like these because it can also add value to your home.

If you are considering making changes or updates to your space’s exterior, or perhaps you are struggling with needing to replace that patio, we can help you. At Valley LSP, we can also help you with:

If you’re unsure if you can just power washing your patio to improve it or you need to invest in a new installation, let our team offer some guidance. You may find that this is an excellent way to add a new living space to your home.

Let Us Do the Hard Work for You at Valley LSP

When it comes to spending your Saturday power washing patio surfaces, skip it. Instead, let Valley LSP handle all of the work for you instead. We offer a wide range of hardscape services to meet your specific needs. You just need to reach out to us to learn more. Call 410.983.6261 to get the help you need.