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Propane Fire Pits

a propane fire pit is a good way to keep warm outdoors

Propane fire pits have an attractive appearance and make it much easier to start a fire with almost no effort at all. These fire pits range significantly in price depending on the features you’re interested in. For example, some are small enough to place on top of a patio table, while others are large enough for many people to sit around them to roast marshmallows and have drinks. Most of our Catonsville neighbors are planning to spend quite a bit of time outside this spring. A fire pit is an excellent way to bring people together.

What Is a Propane Fire Pit?

A propane fire pit is one that is hooked up to a propane tank. These have more controlled fires, so they’re great for smaller spaces. Since they come in several designs, it’s easy to find styles that match the current patio pavers or outside design elements in your space.

Are There Pros to Having a Propane Fire Pit?

There are many reasons why a propane fire pit makes sense compared to one with charcoal or wood. These benefits include:

  • Not producing ashes
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Retaining their value
  • Costing less than an outdoor fire pit

These benefits may be the difference between choosing a natural fire pit over a propane pit. Here’s why.

No Ashes

The first benefit of a propane fire pit is that it does not produce ashes. For people who enjoy fires but have allergies, this is an excellent option. Additionally, ash can be dangerous and combustible. If hot ashes spread, they could catch something on fire.

With a propane fire pit, that’s not an issue. When you’re done with it, turn off the fire pit and go inside.

Flexibility and Mobility

Another great reason to select a propane fire pit is because of the flexibility of owning one. Don’t like where you put it? Simply pick it up and move it. You can’t do that with an outdoor fire pit that has been installed, so this may be a major benefit.

Retaining Value

If you don’t want a fire pit any longer, what will you do with it? With a propane fire pit, you can list it online or locally and sell it to the next owner. They retain their value well, too, so you may be able to get most of your money back by finding the right buyer.

Low Cost

Finally, consider the cost. A propane fire pit may be a few hundred dollars, but an outdoor fire pit dug out into your yard could cost over a thousand, depending on the size and materials used.

What Downsides Are There to Propane Fire Pits?

There are downsides to propane fire pits, too. They may not be as warm as a fire in a natural fire pit, depending on their size. On top of that, propane tanks can get expensive. A normal tank runs for between four and five hours from the time it’s turned on full power. That means that it can quickly become a costly expense compared to a fire pit that burns wood or charcoal, which may burn for many more hours without needing to be refueled.

Propane also gives off a distinct scent that some people may not like, but unlike fire pits, do not create significant smoke. That’s a trade-off to consider.

Contact Valley Landscaping, Stone, & Patio to Find the Perfect Fire Pit

If you’re ready to add a fire pit design to your patio or are interested in investing in a gas fire pit table, we can help. At Valley Landscaping, Stone, & Patio, we have a selection of designs that you may like and that will match your landscape, so it fits in perfectly. Call us today at [direct] to speak with one of our team members about your design project and the propane fire pits we have in stock.