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Protecting Your Garden for Winter

snow falls on an unprotected garden

What can you do to keep your garden looking good once spring arrives? Put some time into it now. Your garden in winter is working to break down plant materials. By spending a bit of time preparing and managing it, you may have an easier time with garden care come spring. Our team at Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio can offer the landscaping services you need to ensure you have the best overall results.

Garden in Winter? Work on Prepping and Managing Now

While you cannot garden in winter for the most part in Maryland, you can invest in a few steps that can make a big difference in the months to come. The key is to be aggressive about protecting your garden now. Good garden care with these steps can help ensure you have better results this spring.

  • Remove the leaves – these take a long time to break down and don’t provide much nutrition for the soil. Keep them out of your landscaping.
  • Add in organic materials of other types such as eggshells, coffee grounds, and vegetable peels. This can help add nutrients to the soil and, over winter, there’s ample time for them to break down.
  • The snow is okay – you don’t need to add any specific type of covering to your garden’s soil to minimize snow and changing weather.
  • Add in the nutrients now – If you have plant material or wood chips, adding those to your garden now can prove to be ideal.
  • Don’t forget the landscaping – Make sure flowerbeds are clean, remove debris, and keep salt and other chemicals out of your grass and landscaping over the winter months.

Your garden in winter is recharging and getting ready for the growth of spring. Give it the resources it needs to thrive, and you’ll see improvement every year.

Expand Your Garden in Winter

Another way to make good use of your garden during the winter months is in an expansion. You can use our landscape services to enhance the size of your garden, add in more hardscape features, or even plant trees. You can add in pavers or place a walkway through your garden. This type of work during the winter is possible. Once the spring arrives, you can focus more time on the pruning, planting, and growth of new plants.

Talk to us about all of the landscape services we can provide. Some of the services we can provide for your garden in winter include:

Work on Your Plans Now

If you are not sure what type of garden care you need or if you need landscape services to help you, take this time during the winter months to start planning. Draw out your landscaping. Consider the addition of various new plants or hardscape features. You may also want to use this time to think about things like water management, retaining walls, and the services your existing trees and shrubs will need. When you work with our team on these needs now, you can be confident you’ll get the services you need first thing this spring. How can our landscape services help you to create your desired outcome this spring?

Ready to See Improvements? Call Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio Today

Your garden in the winter can be anything you want it to be. Let our landscaping services help you with upgrades, expansions, and much more. This is the ideal time of the year to start dreaming of big things for the spring. To learn more about our garden care and services, call Valley Landscaping, Stone & Patio now at 410.983.6261 or reach us online.