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Protecting Your Patio and Deck in Winter

an entire patio and deck area is covered in a layer of fresh snow in winter

It’s never too early to prepare your deck or patio for winter and impending foul weather. In addition to giving your outdoor living spaces a thorough cleaning as you store patio furniture and other items away for the season, it’s essential to make sure the deck or patio gets a little attention before the harsh elements hit. This can include treating the wood or stone with a protective finish as well as keeping the space clear of leaves and snow during the off months of use.

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How to Protect Your Patio and Deck in Winter

One of the biggest pieces of advice you can receive about getting your deck or patio ready for winter is keeping things clean and clear of debris. This means doing this before winter sets in, but then also during the winter to ensure that things like snow and ice do not cause a problem with your deck or patio materials. The last thing you want is for your deck or patio materials to weaken because of excessive moisture, rot, or material cracking.

Follow these simple tips to best protect your patio and deck in wintertime:

  1. Clean up the clutter on your deck or patio. This includes removing large items and giving things a clean sweep of fall leaves and any container gardening.
  2. Give the surface a good cleaning to help remove any stains or spills and set the foundation for next year’s outdoor season.
  3. For stubborn mold or mildew, give some extra attention to getting this removed. Professional help may be needed.
  4. A water-repellent sealant is a good idea to ward off the moisture damage from winter snow and ice.
  5. Cover your outdoor space with a tarp if possible. If not, then cover any major furniture pieces you plan on keeping outdoors all year.
  6. Remove snow and ice build-up on your deck and patio on a regular basis throughout the winter.

Winter Deck Protection Reminders

Once you’ve prepared your deck and patio to the best of your ability for the winter season, it’s wise to check in on a few things throughout the harsh weather months.

  • Has rock salt or snow melt built up on your patio or deck surface? If so, clear it regularly.
  • How is the snow build-up on your deck or patio? If you have had a number of storms, you made need to check on this more often.
  • Have you checked on your stored outdoor furniture? Make sure any tarp covers are secure or that critters have not taken shelter in your cushions.

What happens if you experience significant damage to your deck or patio during the winter months? If it’s due to a bad storm and not normal conditions, try reaching out to your homeowner’s insurance first and do your due diligence. For a newer deck or patio, check your warranty with the company that installed it or the brand material guarantee. But if age and wear have set in, it may be time to consider an upgrade to your outdoor space. A reputable contractor, like Valley Deck & Patio, will be happy to provide you with a complimentary, no-hassle consultation any time of year.

Valley Deck & Patio Can Help Protect Your Outdoor Space

The team at Valley Deck & Patio can help with preparing your deck or patio for winter or planning some upgrades you may have in mind.

We offer a full range of custom deck and patio services in Maryland and Washington D.C. Our array of outdoor living and landscape services includes:

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  • Stone walls
  • Walkways & pathways

The expert team at Valley Deck & Patio is always available to chat and answer your outdoor living questions. Give us a ring at 410.983.6261, or fill out our online form and let us get back to you.