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Seat Walls

An example of seat walls

Planning a renovation of your outdoor space can sometimes feel like a tug-of-war between aesthetics and practicality. Certain elements, such as retaining walls, may be needed in order to control erosion. Especially when considering projects involving patio or deck installation in Maryland, or any other region that has four distinct seasons, it is important to plan for the effects of moisture on the space. However, there are ways that you can make your practical yard elements do double duty. One of the best ways is to consider the addition of seat walls.

What Are Seat Walls and Where Do They Work Best?

Seat walls are walls that are designed either to be short and wide enough to sit on, or walls with seating built into them. Patio seat walls often turn a functional retaining wall into an attractive area for family and guests to gather. Seat walls on decks, on the other hand, can provide needed safety while also adding extra seating for those big backyard barbeque parties.

Some of the situations in which a seat wall might fit the needs of an outdoor space are:

  • Sloped or tiered yards where erosion control is an issue
  • Patio spaces that could use some additional structure to define them
  • Decks that either do not have space for large groupings of furniture, or where visual interest is needed
  • Outdoor spaces that make use of attractive natural materials

Seat Walls Provide Extra Interest to Enhance a Backyard Oasis

In addition to their practical functions, seat walls in patios can also create spaces in a yard that enhance visual drama and beauty. For example, seat walls can become focal points for flower beds that border the patio. They can also become vehicles for dramatic outdoor lighting, turning a yard into a perfect evening paradise.

The materials used to build seat walls can vary widely. In fact, they can be finely matched to a home or made to contrast the existing color scheme and look of the home’s exterior. Seat walls can be built and designed to fit in with any look, whether traditional, rustic, or modern.

Accenting an Outdoor Space With Seat Walls

Often, smaller spaces are perfect places to use special motifs, materials, or decorative elements. These types of spaces can be perfectly defined by a seat wall. As a result, you can create opportunities to utilize elements that might be too overwhelming when used on a large scale. This approach can also be used to create a special place that feels separate from the rest of the yard. For example, it’s great for that quiet cup of coffee in the morning or that glass of wine after dinner. It’s also perfect when entertaining. Why? Because it provides a variety of seating spaces to guests can make a party feel more open and give visitors the chance to break off for conversations.

Consider using seat walls to create that ‘wow’ moment’ in an outdoor space. As a focal point, seat walls can also enhance the aesthetics of a yard by creating geometric visual interest. Landscape architects have utilized seat wall elements for centuries to demarcate paths while also making the outdoor space inviting.

Valley Deck & Patio Can Help Create Seat Walls That Enhance the Outdoor Space

In Maryland, Valley Deck & Patio is helping homeowners turn their yards into the backyard oasis of their dreams. If you are looking for that magazine-quality, high-end yard, contact Valley Deck & Patio at 410.983.6261 and let our team of visionary landscape designers bring your ideas to life. We specialize in luxury outdoor renovations that will not only improve the look of your home, but will give your family a place to make memories for years to come.