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Social-Distance-Friendly Patio Designs

two friends enjoy socially distant patio design

If you’re used to congregating with your family and friends on the patio, the pandemic has certainly put a crunch on your social life. With social distancing and limits on the number of people that can gather indoors, the pandemic has caused homeowners to rethink their patio design. Fortunately, the experts at Valley Landscaping in Catonsville, MD, can help you with hardscaping services to extend your outdoor living space to accommodate benches, tables, and visitors.

Draw or Write Down Your Needs and Ideas

Faced with anxiety over the coronavirus and economic uncertainty, families may feel trapped in their own homes. However, you can fight back by planning for a meaningful interaction in small numbers with friends or family members. While large gatherings and frequent get-togethers may put your family at risk, there may be times when you need your family around you. In any case, social distancing may become the new norm, so why not prepare your outdoor living area for that eventuality? 

Start with a rough sketch of your current outdoor living area. Is it large enough to accommodate social distancing? Our hardscape services can expand your patio to meet the needs of your guests. We recommend bubble diagrams. Draw broad circles or shapes to represent seating areas, dining tables, fire pits, benches, and small tables spaced far apart to discourage large groups from congregating. 

Bring in your sketches, and our experts will give you their valuable input and help you pick out the hardscape for an expanded patio area. You can also illuminate your patio area with the help of our outdoor lighting services.

How to Share Your Space During COVID-19

stone fire pit creates a beautiful focal point and can double as a natural barrier to prevent crowding. Consider installing additional hardscaping and adding benches or outdoor furniture spaced appropriately for small gatherings if you have limited space. 

Look for furniture that can serve multiple purposes and provide additional seating to avoid crowding. For example, dining seats that double as lounges can provide comfortable, stylish furniture for family meals and celebrations. You might want to get a few extra dining and side tables to accommodate small family groups. 

What About Shade in Your Patio Design?

With social distance requirements, shade becomes a problem. Instead of large awnings over a small area, consider small outdoor tables with umbrellas in a variety of colors. This can add ambiance and give a celebratory feel to your space. Additionally, unifying a larger space with common elements masks the fact that you have separated the furniture to social distance your guests.

Installing a pergola allows you to cover more space without your backyard feeling closed off. An open frame with beams provides a great foundation for plants, and you can also add fairy lights to give the area more atmosphere. 

Patio Design and Hardscape Services in Catonsville, MD

Valley Landscaping offers several services to help you expand your outdoor entertainment areas in ways that you’ll find useful long after COVID-19 is a distant memory. 

Here are some of the services that can transform your patio and backyard space:

  • Paver walkways and pathways: Stone pavers provide an inexpensive way to improve the beauty of your landscaping and connect different areas of interest.
  • Fire pit installation: Fire features create an inviting atmosphere in any social space. We can fit fire pits in any patio area. You can space your seating around this central feature to add continuity to your design. 
  • Landscape design: Our professional landscape designers can help you create an inviting outdoor space to accommodate guests during the pandemic and beyond.
  • Sod installation
  • Planting services
  • Mulching

Contact Valley Landscaping at 410.983.6261, or contact us online for more ideas on how to social distance your patio design or for more information about our landscaping and hardscape services.